Software Development Engineer - AWS WAF Bot Control and Fraud Prevention

1 month agoCupertino, CA


We make it easy for customers to author and associate firewall policies to help protect their web applications from attacks by allowing them to configure rules that allow, block, or monitor (count) web requests based on conditions that they define. These conditions include IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP body, URI strings, SQL injection and cross-site scripting. By supporting association with CloudFront, Application Load Balancer, and API Gateway customers can protect their applications and resources whether all in on the Cloud, maintaining on premise data centers, or using a hybrid Cloud approach.
We build a highly available low latency distributed system that allows customers to propagate changes worldwide in minutes to respond to active attacks in real-time. We're fully integrated with several others AWS Services to give customers the insight and control they need. With CloudWatch and Sampled Web Requests we give customers the visibility they need see which requests were blocked, allowed, or counted and what rule was matched on a given request (i.e., this web request was blocked due to an IP address condition, etc.). Using AWS Firehose, customers can store their full WAF logs for compliance and auditing as well as use them for debugging and additional forensics. We support using AWS Config to track historical changes to the rules and metrics associated with their WAF RuleGroups. Using CloudFormation customers can automate the deployment of their WAF Security Automations on the AWS Cloud.

You will play a lead role on the team and influence how we design, develop, build, deploy and support AWS WAF. To be successful in the role, you must be able to research, innovate and create unique solutions. There is no precedent to follow in this problem space. You will be involved from inception to deployment and beyond. You'll interact with our customers, gathering requirements, designing, implementing, testing and supporting the product operationally; soup to nuts. You will be expected to use your technical background and have a significant impact on the direction of AWS WAF as well as new services that we develop in the future.

We own the direct customer experience as well as the per request processing of rules for CloudFront, API Gateway, and ALB. Not only do we build an AWS Security service, but we're a customer of AWS using other AWS services to provide the solutions to our customers that scale and seamlessly integrate with their existing workflows. Engineers on our team get to solve some of the hardest computer science problems including building highly available distributed micro-services, global scaling across both AWS Regions and CloudFront edge locations, and processing millions of requests with single digit millisecond latency.


  • 2+ years of non-internship professional software development experience
  • Programming experience with at least one modern language such as Java, C++, or C# including object-oriented design
  • 1+ years of experience contributing to the architecture and design (architecture, design patterns, reliability and scaling) of new and current systems.


  • Advanced degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Proven programming ability in one or more of these languages C/C++, Python, and/or Java
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Experience working in Linux based environments
  • Experience working on large-scale, highly available, low latency, high quality systems
  • Meets/exceeds Amazon's leadership principles requirements for this role
  • Meets/exceeds Amazon's functional/technical depth and complexity for this role.

Client-provided location(s): Cupertino, CA, USA
Job ID: Amazon-1538034

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