Senior Principal Applied Scientist - Visual Search and AR

1 month agoPalo Alto, CA


The Amazon Search team creates powerful, customer-focused search solutions and technologies. Whenever a customer visits an Amazon site worldwide and types in a query or browses through product categories, Amazon Search services go to work. We design, develop, and deploy high performance, fault-tolerant distributed search systems used by millions of Amazon customers every day.

We're seeking a Principal Scientist with a deep expertise in Computer Vision. Your responsibilities will include everything from developing and prototyping innovative 3D and deep learning algorithms to implementing, testing, and supporting full solutions in a production environment. We are looking for innovators who can contribute to advancing search technology on what's scientifically possible while remaining committed to creating world-class products.

As a hands-on leader of this team, you'll be responsible for defining key research questions, identifying relevant data, adopting or proposing innovative computer vision and machine learning solutions, conducting rigorous experiments, publishing results and working with the engineering team to deploy these solutions. As a strategic leader, you will identify investment opportunities, develop long term strategies, and propose, prioritize and deliver on goals. You'll also participate in organizational planning, hiring, mentorship and leadership development. You will be technically fearless and with a passion for building scalable science and engineering solutions. You will serve as a key scientific resource in full-cycle development (conception, design, implementation, testing to documentation, delivery, and maintenance).

Joining this team, you'll experience the benefits of working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, while leveraging the resources of (AMZN), Earth's most customer-centric company one of the world's leading internet companies. We provide a highly customer-centric, team-oriented environment in our offices located in Palo Alto, California.


• 15+ years of relevant, broad research experience after PhD degree or equivalent
• Domain expertise in computer vision as well as scientific breadth
• Proficiency in programming for algorithmic and code reviews
• Strong core competency in mathematics and statistics
• Track record of successful projects in algorithm design and product development
• Strong prior experience with mentorship and/or management of senior scientists and engineers


• Skill and experience with 3D model and/or 3D scene reconstruction
• Skill and experience with image-based retrieval systems
• Excellent communication skills, solid work ethic, and a strong desire to write production-quality code
• Proven ability to exert technical influence over one or more teams, and drive the collection and analysis of salient new data sets across the large sections of the company
• Ability to monitor and analyze complex systems to understand, diagnose and continuously improve business and operation parameters
• Proven ability to conduct experiments and rigorous statistical analysis to innovatively answer business questions and evaluate products
• Excellent writing skills

Client-provided location(s): Palo Alto, CA, USA
Job ID: Amazon-1340641

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