Senior Natural Language UX Designer


Join the AI squad at AWS. We are a growing team of customer-obsessed professionals developing state-of-the-art technologies around conversational interfaces. Our mission is to design the best customer experience and develop the technologies that will deliver them.

As a Senior Natural Language UX Designer, you will architect, develop and fine-tune spoken and written Natural Language experiences. AWS develops platforms and tools to enable our customers to build their own applications and therefore, you will need to think both in terms of the end-user's experience, and the developer's experience. You must be proactive, creative and very driven to work in a fast-paced organization. You also need to have an excellent understanding of the principles of conversation, as well as the relevant technologies and disciplines such as Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science. You will be working with scientists, engineers, product managers and other experts. You may also engage directly with customers and senior leaders and must therefore have excellent written and oral communication skills. You will be expected to lead teams, projects and/or initiatives when required, demonstrate forward-thinking and resourcefulness.

We are looking for curated professionals who will:

  • Put themselves in the user's shoes and yet be able to detach themselves from personal bias
  • Be data driven, analytical and detail-oriented
  • Design UX research and validation projects
  • Analyze real data to design, fix and optimize experiences
  • Develop flows, prototypes, and sound UX specifications and requirements
  • Learn, practice and develop Natural Language Interaction design techniques and methodologies
  • Be knowledgeable about differences between written and spoken Natural Language, as well as multimodal inputs.
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently
  • Have hands-on experience as well as academic/theoretical training
  • Have project and team leadership experience

Basic Qualifications

  • +8 years of Human-Computer Interaction experience or PhD in HCI + 3 years of experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Linguistics, Cognitive Science,
  • Natural Language technologies training and experience
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • UX qualifications, training and/or experience
  • Experience presenting projects, results, ideas, etc. to small and large audiences
  • Experience leading projects, initiatives and/or teams

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior experience in similar roles: designing, coding or testing Natural Language Interfaces
  • Management experience
  • Leadership skills and initiative
  • Avid learner and quick to assimilate new concepts, technologies and ideas
  • Able to thrive in a multidisciplinary environment with multiple perspectives and challenges
  • Looking to learn and train, as well as to inspire others
  • Relentless attention to detail and customer-obsessed

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