Senior Manager, Strategic Projects

1 week agoRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

DESCRIPTION is the largest e-commerce site in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Amazon acquired Souq in 2017 and we are currently going through the process of integration across people, processes and systems. The fulfillment network will comprise of multiple FCs, First Mile pick-up for MFN sellers, Middle Mile comprising of Sort Centers and line haul network, and Last Mile network comprised of Delivery Stations and fleet across all major cities in the 3 countries.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is one of our largest and key markets and we are committed to this market and its customers for the long term. The country is going through a period of fascinating transformation powered by the Vision 2030 ( to make Saudi Arabia the "investment powerhouse" and the "hub connecting three continents". As a part of this, the National Industrial Development and Logistics Vision Realization Program aims to transform the Kingdom into an "international logistics platform" by focusing on a number of promising areas that will "generate ample employment opportunities for Saudi cadres, boost trade balance and maximize local content". "The program designs and provides a range of essential enablers that include developing appropriate systems; providing the required financing; developing infrastructure, industrial lands and private areas; expanding the implementation of digitization procedures; enhancing research, innovation; and training, raising the efficiency of available cadres, etc."

This key leadership role will report directly to the Director, Customer Fulfillment for the region and will lead the formulation and execution of a several key initiatives that enable the long term integration and participation of Amazon operations in the KSA Industrial Develop and Logistics Vision. The scope of these projects will span across all aspects of operations including supply chain planning, fulfillment centers, transportation, last mile delivery, real estate, engineering and related areas like HR, legal, compliance, finance, public policy, and public relations.

The key responsibilities / deliverable will include:
1. Work with senior operations leaders across FC, Middle Mile, Last Mile, Supply Chain, Operations Integration, Real Estate and Engineering to identify the key strategic priorities and projects for the Kingdom both in OP1/OP2 (current year) and SPS (3-5 years) horizon.

2. Develop a roadmap for these prioritized list of projects and identify the key success metrics and page '0' metrics for these projects working backwards from the desired end state.

3. Act as a Program Manager and single threaded owner of these projects and work directly with and report to the Director, Customer Fulfillment on the progress of these projects.

4. Engage with and influence all relevant stakeholders including legal, public policy, HR, PR and operations to drive the projects forward and track progress through weekly and monthly progress reports / meetings.

5. Accompany the senior leaders and public policy team in key meetings with senior government officials to understand the policy prerogative and also develop a strategy and action plan to influence the public policy.

On the whole, this role has a broad scope with end-to-end responsibility of identifying and delivering strategic priorities and projects for long term success of operations in the Kingdom by closely aligning with and influencing the Vision 2030. The leader in this role will need to be absolutely comfortable with ambiguity, be a self-starter and create structure and roadmap by making sense of scattered pieces of information and thoughts. The leader in the role will also need to strongly "influence without authority" working with several senior stakeholders including Directors, Senior Managers and external government officials. Earning trust will be a key enabler for this role. Strong communication skills both verbal and written are critical, not only for developing and articulating the roadmap but also for gaining alignment of the diverse set of stakeholders.

We need a leader, who wants to work in a start-up environment, with a lot of ambiguity, still inadequate support systems this can be frustrating at times. They should be happy to roll up their sleeves and get the job done without worrying about things like designation, level, stated roles and responsibilities etc. while working to build scalable mechanisms for the future.


1. 5+ years of experience leading projects and operations
2. Bachelors Degree from a reputed institution
3. Experience leading complex, high impact projects in an ambiguous environment.


1. Knowledge of Arabic language
2. Masters Degree in relevant area from a world class institution
3. Relevant experience in operations.

Job ID: Amazon-1086035