Senior Developer Advocate - Cdn Serverless

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seeking a talented, self-directed Senior Developer Advocate to drive the development and adoption of Amazon CloudFront and Lambda@Edge. Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery service and one of the cornerstones of AWS. We bring the Internet closer to end users, speeding up the user experience. CloudFront integrates with other Amazon Web Services to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content (webpages, games, movies, live streams, etc.) to end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds. AWS Lambda@Edge brings serverless to the CloudFront edge. Lambda@Edge offers customers serverless edge computing environment to implement advanced application logic closer to the viewers delivering better performance, scalability and security.

In this role, you will combine your experience with web development frameworks, community engagement, customer education, and enthusiasm for working with developers to generate grassroots attention and support for Amazon CloudFront and Serverless@Edge technologies. You will exhibit advocacy, content generation and delivery skills of a traditional developer evangelist with the organizational and delivery skills of a program manager. The role provides a good balance between working with the various Amazon teams internally to shape the product and tools, and talking to industry influencers to help them build solutions using AWS services.
Ideally, you are someone who has frontend web development experience, and deeply familiar with web frameworks and technologies such as JAMStack, React, nextjs, javascript etc. and have written production code. You have immediate credibility with developers evidenced by your following on forums such as GitHub, Twitter, Stackoverflow and Medium, but are equally comfortable working with decision makers at large enterprises. You love to share your passion with others and exhibit good judgment in selecting strategic opportunities to do so. You don't just want to be part of an industry movement, you want to be out front leading it. If this sounds like you, this is your dream job. Your responsibilities will include:

Your responsibilities will include:
• Be an advocate for our developer customers to shape our product strategy, not the other way round!!
• Help to shape our product roadmap for how to drive developer adoption of Amazon CloudFront, Lambda@Edge and the extended edge services and application architectures
• Deliver compelling Content - product demos, sample solutions, technical blogs, and discussions to drive adoption of AWS's content delivery portfolio and related AWS offerings
• Creating tech talks, live streams, white papers and tutorials about emerging technologies and industry developments
• Support the product teams in helping to analyze, update, re-design and create compelling web and online experiences and easy learning opportunities for developers aiming to get started with building serverless web and mobile applications
• Gaining industry recognition and credibility as a regular attendee, panelist and keynote speaker at technology conferences, trade shows and press events
• Maintaining a strong and credible presence in social media channels relevant to developers
• Scaling, extending and driving global expansion of existing community focused programs, for example: Hackathons, User Communities, and Serverless Heroes
• Seeding the development of tools and code samples contributed to public code repositories and blogs by working with serverless enthusiasts in the field and working with the open source developer community
• Collaborating with internal teams to help define the product road map, market positioning, and developer program initiatives


• Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, engineering, or a related discipline
• 4+ years experience years in the technology industry in a technical, product management, or evangelism/advocacy role
• 5+ years experience with at least one of the following programming languages: Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, C#/.Net, PHP
• Familiarity with web development using JAMStack, Gatsby, Nextjs, React etc.


• 6+ years in the technology industry in a technical, product management, or evangelism/advocacy role
• Superior oral and written communication skills, including public speaking
• The ability to work cooperatively with, and gain the respect of software developers is a must
• A willingness to travel and the ability to work autonomously
• Strong technical acumen and experience with emerging web development frameworks, media delivery / CDN industry
• Experience writing code, committing to open source projects, understanding of the community mechanisms of open source projects
• An active participant in social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Medium, GitHub, and Twitch

Amazon is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minority / Women / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation / Age.

Job ID: Amazon-1025137