Senior Applied Scientist - Amazon Braket

3+ months agoSeattle, WA


Excited by the disruptive potential of quantum technology? Want to innovate on behalf of our customers to build quantum computing tools for the cloud? Thrilled to be key part of Amazon, who has been investing in disruptive innovation for decades, pioneering and shaping the world's technology?

Amazon Braket is looking for Applied Scientists in quantum computing to join an exceptional team of researchers and engineers. Quantum computing is rapidly emerging from the realms of science-fiction, and our customers can the see the potential it has to address their challenges. One of our missions at AWS is to give customers access to the most innovative technology available and help them continuously reinvent their business. Quantum computing is a technology that holds promise to be transformational in many industries, and with Amazon Braket we are adding quantum computing resources to the toolkits of every researcher and developer.

As an Applied Scientist in the Amazon Braket team, you will develop advanced software solutions for construction, compilation, simulation, and optimization of quantum computing programs in the cloud. You will play a key role in shaping the development roadmap of the service, and evangelizing new features and capabilities. You will also have the opportunity to create white papers, write blogs, build demos and generate other reusable collateral that can be used by our customers. Most importantly, you will work closely with our quantum computing research teams, as well as industry and academic partners. Our team collaborates across the entire AWS organization to get drive innovation and deliver the right solutions to our customers.

A successful candidate will be a person who enjoys diving deep into customer problems, conducting independent research and development, working across teams with academic and industry experts, and shaping the long-term QC strategy for AWS and its customers. It will be a person who likes to have fun, loves to learn, and wants to innovate in the world of QC.


• PhD in a quantum computation related field (Quantum Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Computer Science, etc.)
• Experience using Python or similar programming language
• Familiarity with quantum computing libraries, such as Pennylane, Qiskit, Cirq, Forest, etc.
• 4+ years of experience in conducting research oriented projects
• 2+ years of working on commercial quantum computation at hardware, software, or consulting companies
• Publications or presentation track record in recognized academic journals/conferences in a relevant field
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations


• PhD in quantum computation
• Academic or industry experience in quantum chemistry, optimization, or machine learning
• Expert knowledge in quantum computation and variational quantum algorithms, such as, QAOA and VQE
• Experience with AWS technologies like EC2, S3, CodeCommit, & Cloudwatch
• Familiarity with using data visualization tools
• Demonstrable track record of dealing well with ambiguity, prioritizing needs, and delivering results in a dynamic environment

Job ID: Amazon-1468825