Safety Technician

3+ months agoMilan, Italy


Safety Technician: The WHS environment has several significant risks that must be identified and controlled and a fundamental part of this role is supporting the local management team to instill the Amazonian safety culture. The roles will be assigned depending on geographical location. The successful person will monitor if the safety rules are applied correctly, train both AAs and leadership and be the contact with local authorities. The OR safety coordinator role is important to support different Stations in the roll out and embedding worldwide safety policies, setting goals on Gensuite as well as advising and supporting on the day to day activities, to drive down incident rates, ensure timely and accurate reporting and develop the safety culture in conjunction with the leadership. Why can't you temporarily assign someone to do the work? There are gaps and headcount challenges within the whole safety team and we do not have local resources to support this work. The role is specialist and requires people with a degree in health and safety and also knowledge of Italian safety regulations. What would you have to stop doing if this candidate doesn't start? If the candidate is not in post, we will not be able support the operations and provide expert advice in the set up and operation of the site and this might lead to an increase in accidents within the workplace. The site leadership will not get the support that they require with safety metrics about this site over and above what is reported centrally. All the safety work would need additional support from the ops team, and during peak they may struggle to find the time for this.
• Undertake risk assessments as required and follow up control measures to completion
• Complete daily metrics and callouts from the sites
• Take a Deep Dive into safety data, as you monitor recordable incidents on-road
• Leveraging your Auditor-level knowledge of Amazon's procedures and legal requirements, you'll advise associates and managers accordingly,
• Become a subject matter expert in your specific level of competence, while staying vigilant and not disclosing any sensitive information outside of your particular level,
• Consistently monitor sites, keeping high focus on compliance with Amazon's safety procedures,
• Investigate accidents, near misses and any incidents, as you establish root cause,
• Update internal records regarding incidents, near misses and accidents,
• Undertake action plans to ensure continuing, sustained compliance with legislation,
• Conduct yourself professionally at all times: you maintain confidentiality in matters involving safety investigations,
• Flexibility on hours worked to cover shifts during Peak and ensure investigations are completed
• Support Delivery Stations with safety administrative tools.
• Support Delivery Stations providing H&S training.


• Must have qualification as ASPP and professional trainer
• Candidates with degree (or equivalent) qualifications not in Safety disciplines, but who have relevant experience, will also be considered
• Has a demonstrable in-depth understanding of essential/relevant EHS legislation
• Solid computer literacy and skills,
• You're a good communicator, both verbally and in writing.


• You possess a meticulous level of sustained attention-to-detail,
• Ability to work under the minimum of supervision,
• You have a proven ability to work to targets and deadlines,
• Demonstrable ability to learn quickly, while closely adhering to new processes and procedures,
• You're able to work independently, at times under minimum levels of supervision,
• You're flexible and adaptable; able to meet the needs of the business head on,
• Great team player: you contribute to a positive and healthy team environment,
• You bring plenty of drive, enthusiasm and self-motivation with you each day,
• Lean, 5S and Kaizen qualifications/experience
• Experience with Gensuite as EHS application tool
• Spoken and written fluency in English and Italian
• Availability to frequent travels to support different DS

Job ID: Amazon-1447724