Principal Software Engineer - EC2 Accelerated Nitro

1 month agoMühlhausen, Germany


At Amazon, Principal Engineers are both visionary leaders and hands-on builders. As Amazon's most senior individual contributors, Principal Engineers work on our hardest problems. While many companies this size take their foot-off the gas pedal, at Amazon, it's still Day 1. This startup mentality, however, does not admit the luxury of a conservative approach. Principal Engineers are asked to venture beyond comfortable approaches to pioneer new spaces, and inspire others as to what's possible.

EC2 Accelerated Nitro is an organization that powers the EC2 Nitro instance families, focusing on hypervisors, virtualization and accelerated computing. We build highly operable quiescent hypervisors that provide near bare metal performance to EC2 instances. We also integrate hardware accelerators (GPUs, FPGAs, etc.) into the EC2 instance families to support advanced workloads, such as machine learning, high performance computing, inference or graphics processing.

As part of the team, you will be given the chance to have a significant impact on our systems, our business and most importantly our customers, working in diverse work environment with a flexible schedule. You will be building the lowest layer of the Amazon Web Services software stack, developing the EC2 Nitro Hypervisor and building new EC2 Accelerated Computing instance families for AWS. You will have the opportunity to innovate, make new engineering proposals, and explore new areas. Your work will span across CPU scheduling, memory management, interrupts, PCI subsystem, device emulation, and much more.

As a Principal Engineer you will be expected to:
1) Architect complex systems at scale and posses expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.
2) Principal Engineers are responsible for driving Amazon's overall technical architecture. They amplify their impact by aligning organizations toward coherent architectural strategies.
3) Actively mentor individuals and the community on advanced technical issues and helping managers guide the career growth of their team members.

In the Principal Engineer role, curiosity is essential. We know that creation takes vision, grit and space to experiment. Amazon creates an ideal environment for creative problem solving. Engineers learn to build once unimagined technologies. We start by finding curious, bright leaders like you. Apply to learn more!


• BS in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent work experience
• 8+ years of experience developing an operating system kernel or production hypervisor
• Proficient in at least one CPU architecture, such as x86, PPC or ARM.
• Experience growing other engineers
• Able to work in a diverse team


• MSc/PhD in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent work experience
• 10+ years of experience working on the kernel or virtualization space
• Proficient in multiple CPU architectures

Client-provided location(s): Germany
Job ID: Amazon-1563831

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