Front End Engineer Ii

1 month agoAustin, TX


Are you someone obsessed with simplifying things on behalf of your customers? Do you love to be part of a team that implement solutions to provide a smooth user experience? We are simplifying, innovating and growing our service! Come talk with the Carrier Information Management Systems (CIMS) team.

The Carrier Information Management Systems (CIMS) team at Amazon is focused on optimizing and simplifying Amazon's transportation network. The complexity of Amazon transportation network grows exponentially, requiring innovative approaches in modeling, storing, validating, and processing billions of rows of configuration. We build UIs and intent effective workflows to enable transportation network managers to model this complex network.

In our team you will have the opportunity to:
• Build fascinating new web services and products
• Work directly with your customers and shape the vision of the web stack
• Create and drive metrics to measure complexity
• Brainstorm, prototype, test, and iterate on new ideas
• Work with the latest technologies and tools
• Learn from others and help grow those in your team
• See the positive impact of your work on real customers
• Thrive in a start-up, innovative environment
• Brainstorm, design, and implement front end components and user experience for CIMS.
Interested in a team with strong culture and camaraderie? Have the passion to build the best experience possible for customers and the drive to actually ship it? We would love to talk to you.


• 3+ Years' experience building scalable front-end infrastructure software or distributed systems for commercial online services. Track record delivering front-end software that is correct, stable, high performance, secure, and accessibility compliant.
• Skilled in developing rich applications with HTML, CSS, JS, Node. Proficiency in developing front-end software, with deep experience in one or more relevant front-end frameworks (React, Angular, Thyme Leaf etc.),UI Test Automation frameworks, MVC frameworks, Struts or Spring desired.
• Proficient in a broad range of software design approaches and common UX patterns. Knows when (and when not) to use front-end software design patterns (e.g., asynchronicity, data binding14, modules, MV*15, objects, promises).
• Proficient in view layout and rendering technologies (e.g., responsiveness, progressive enhancement, browser/device support). Knows when it is appropriate to make graceful fallbacks.
• Understands how to optimize the delivery of code and assets (e.g., images, fonts) to a browser or device (e.g., lazy loading assets, using CDNs, caching, compression, etc.), how to be efficient with resource usage (e.g., application impact on memory and CPU, caches appropriately, respectful of customer's devices, etc.), how to instrument software with real user metrics to reflect the customer experience


• 5+ Years' experience building scalable front-end infrastructure software or distributed systems for commercial online services.
• Good understanding of software languages like JavaScript, NodeJS
• Proficiency in writing Java code
• Demonstrated leadership abilities in an engineering environment in driving operational excellence and best practices.
• Good knowledge of AWS Services and IAAS/SAAS concepts. Able to solve difficult software and UX problems with some ambiguity. Pushes for information to avoid solving the wrong problem and mitigate UI risks early in the process to avoid feature delays. Can decompose a problem into clear software and UX design actions.
Can articulate the risks and benefits of depending on front-end libraries, frameworks, and tool-sets.

Job ID: Amazon-1378163