Front End Engineer

2 months agoEdinburgh, United Kingdom


Ad Server for Amazon is looking for a Front End Engineer to join an engineering team in Edinburgh as part of a strategic investment in the creative process of advertising. The Creative Suite team builds creative tools that enable customers to design, build, test and update advertising creative across multiple formats, placements and devices.

As a Front End Engineer you will join a team of engineers and designers responsible for the development of our product and services that implement our 3-year vision. Are you passionate about delivering intuitive, accessible, web applications? You will invent and develop a WYSIWYG application for the future of advertising creative at Amazon that enables a modern and powerful experience for our customers

You will join our community of engineers and designers and contribute to defining and raising technical standards across Ad Server for Amazon. You will exert technical vision and will build highly scalable, architecturally sound solutions that are aligned with our business needs. You will possess a unique blend of technical breadth and depth, paired with excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Amazon is a place where builders can build. You will work with the latest technologies including Java micro-services in a distributed service-oriented architecture, AWS, NoSQL, React, and Typescript, to create delightful user experiences for our customers at a global scale. You will be responsible for our web technology stacks and front-end development lifecycle, demonstrating best practices in web application architecture and design, and work to ensure high standards in usability, accessibility and performance of our products.

You will work as part of a sustainable paced agile team and will play a technical hands on leadership role in your team giving you the responsibility, authority and ownership to ensure success. You will have a system-wide, architectural view of the solutions that you build. You will be involved in every aspect of the process - from idea generation, business requirements and technical design through to software development using the latest technologies and design patterns. Your systems will meet remarkably high standards of performance and reliability, and will operate at massive scale, 24x7.

Come join a team full of very capable people who come from all over the world. Enjoy the chance to work in a relaxed setting with a good social life. The team based in Edinburgh, Scotland is rapidly expanding. Successful candidates will have strong technical ability, a focus on the customer experience, great teamwork and communication skills, and a motivation to achieve results in a fast-paced environment.

The position offers exceptional opportunities for every candidate to grow their technical and non-technical skills. If you are selected, you have the opportunity to really make a difference to our business by innovating, and building world class systems.


• Experience with object-oriented design
• Professional non-internship experience with front end, web or mobile software development using JavaScript, HTML and CSS


• Understand view layout and rendering technologies (e.g., responsiveness, progressive enhancement, browser/device support). Know when it is appropriate to make graceful fallbacks.
• Understand the importance of testing front-end components and has experience with creating unit and integration tests related to the front-end components they develop.
• Experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS) desirable
• Able to demonstrate knowledge of front-end system design, interaction with backend APIs, and performance/security considerations.
• Able to solve difficult software and UX problems with some ambiguity. Pushes for information to avoid solving the wrong problem and mitigate UI risks early in the process to avoid feature delays. Can decompose a problem into clear software and UX design actions.
• Experience delivering front-end software that is accessibility compliant (WCAG 2.1 AA)
• Understand how to optimize the delivery of code and assets (e.g., images, fonts) to a browser or device (e.g., lazy loading assets, using CDNs, caching, compression, etc.).
• Understand how to be efficient with resource usage (e.g., application impact on memory and CPU, caches appropriately, respectful of customer's devices, etc.).
• Experience building and using with design systems