Camera Engineer

3+ months agoTaipei, Taiwan


We are looking for Camera Engineers to validate video and image quality of Ring product family in the labs and factories. The camera engineer works as part of Ring device engineering team during the product life cycle. In addition, you will be responsible for analysis and characterization of various camera components to deliver best image/video performance to products and bring new features and benefits to customers.

The camera engineer focuses on delivering tools, frameworks and testing infrastructure to facilitates. It is responsible on image quality management across the device development cycle. Camera engineer should be capable to manually investigate IQ issues as well as using objective metrics and specialized tools equipment. Camera engineer works with camera system engineer, IQ tuning engineers and color scientists to understand features and technical implementation for camera tuning and how best to represent features through objective or subjective testing. Camera engineer also work with groups and organizations such as product management team, vendor/supplier and manufacturer to understand component usage models and develop test conditions and infrastructure that allows us to more directly simulate user behavior and test suites that approximate real-world environments for various types of products.


• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related technical field and years relevant work experience, or relevant work experience.
• 7+ years experience in a test or development role as part of a product development organization which has delivered consumer oriented products.
• Knowledge of QA methodology and tools.
• Knowledge in Camera Image Quality tools and methods, familiarity with ImaTest or similar tools.
• Familiarity with types of IQ artifacts. (noise, blemishes, color errors, etc)
• Experience working closely with development and business teams to communicate problem impacts and to understand business requirements.


• Experiences with camera manufacturing process and/or lens testing automation in the factory.
• Knowledge in the domain of Camera technology and Optics.
• Ability to triage issues, react well to changes, work with teams and ability to multi-task on multiple products and projects.
• Excellent communication, collaboration, reporting, analytical and problem solving skills.
• Knowledge of different image and video file formats and color spaces.
• Shows creativity and initiative to improve product test coverage and effectiveness.
• Familiarity with camera and module calibration.
• Comfortable communicating cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal settings.
• Knowledge of automation platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi is a plus.
• Experience in Python/Java coding as well as shell scripting is a plus.

Job ID: Amazon-1070265