IT Compliance Risk Manager

Job Description
To engage with IT and Business, advising on a broad range of ISRM topics including information security, IT compliance and/or information risk management matters. To ensure functional IT asset risks are managed in line with ISRM strategy, the policy framework, laws and regulations and best in class industry standards.

- Define policies on how data is categorize in terms of their content type and the underlying importance and risk - Create an information governance framework, that defines how employees and the organization process and specific data, in the most secure and cost effective way
- Define procedures for disaster recovery/business continuity and define how to deal with information breaches
- Ensure continuous monitoring of information risk and proactive mitigation of issues
- Ensure maintenance of the information governance framework and adaption of policies in place, to changes in the technology landscape and new governance laws and regulations

Minimum requirements - Bachelor's Degree
- 5 years of relevant experience
- proven high level of maturity of controls in projects and operations;
- proven effective management of information risk and compliance status leading to reduced critical audit findings.
- IT Audit process and support (preferred: CISA Certified)
- Risk Manager/Management
- Strong Computer System Validation experience/background
- fluent English

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