Commercial Excellence Systems and Operations Analyst

    • Brussels, Belgium

Job Description
The Commercial Excellence Systems and Operations Analyst will support COUNTRY/ CLUSTER CommEx team in CommEx operations and system (CRM and/ or analytics) deployment, release communication, training and data governance.
• Support Analytics and Automation projects (design, build and adaptation) for local use
• Support Marketing with technical expertise on targeting, multi-channel campaigns, automations, interactive sales materials, etc
• Provides feedback from commercial teams up to COUNTRY/ CLUSTER CommEx team on system capabilities, usability, etc

• Support deployment, training and engagement on core CommEx platforms (i.e., Pitcher, Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics) to COUNTRY/ CLUSTER commercial stakeholders (including leadership and new employee onboarding) to maximize impact of local commercial execution
• Understand and report on data quality and support those responsible for master data quality with insights and recommendations (e.g. account and professional segmentation values, sales data, etc)
• Support COUNTRY/ CLUSTER marketing on how to optimize Pitcher usage, define field force and email campaigns, and how to use account segmentation to optimize their work
• Support COUNTRY/ CLUSTER with local CommEx reporting needs • Support local teams in capturing leads, email addresses and marketing automation consent through field force visits, congresses and other customer touch points
• Identify inefficiency in local processes and data collection and proactively propose improvement solutions
• Support special projects at the COUNTRY/ CLUSTER and/ or REGION level related to Commercial Excellence

Minimum requirements
Bachelor's degree in business, economics or other related quantitative field
• Financial background with minimum 3 years experience in a similar role
• Proficient in English, other relevant languages are a plus
• 1 year CRM system usage experience desirable

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