Product Manager(Core Flow) - China

Airbnb is the leading global travel community and platform that brings authentic travel and home sharing to the world. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace offers access to millions of places to stay, from villas to castles, treehouses to B&B’s. Airbnb China is growing this network to empower Chinese hosts and offer Chinese guests a sense of belonging anywhere they go, whether domestically or abroad.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial product manager to join our Core Flow team to develop a seamless and delightful booking experience for Chinese guests. By cooperating with engineers, designers and data scientists, the product manager will be responsible for finding user problems, defining new opportunities and shipping products that drive our business forward.


  • The Basics:
    • Goal setting, spec writing, managing project execution, A/B testing, defining product roll-out strategy
    • Proven experience and passion for building great products
    • Multiple successful product launches under your belt
    • Has gotten hands dirty shipping features across various platforms (iOS, Android, and Web)
    • 3+ years consumer internet product management experience
  • Type of Person:
    • Radical thinking paired with strong execution
    • Self-motivated, with excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Creative problem solver - able to identify real obstacles and viable solutions
    • Data driven - able to analyze problems and evaluate solutions based on data
    • Outcome oriented - articulate the desired outcome and work collaboratively to create a path to achieve it
    • Highly technical, garnering respect from engineers
  • Passion:
    • Must have a great understanding and empathy for Airbnb customers; must be a strong customer advocate
    • Rigorous - asks hard questions, validates assumptions, connects the dots
    • Passion for great design, you should know what works, what doesn't and why
    • Must have traveled as a guest on Airbnb; or a current host is a major plus









  • 设计和规划用户端产品的策略、体验和业务解决方案
  • 分析用户及业务需求,研究用户在平台上的行为,结合对整体业务的影响,驱动功能的落地以满足需求
  • 制定产品目标和计划,撰写产品文档,进行项目管理以保证产品的交付
  • 关注数据,通过数据衡量策略和体验是否能满足用户和业务的需求,并基于数据找到切入点来优化产品



  • 3年以上互联网产品经验,对旅游行业、Airbnb及竞品有较为深入的了解,有较强的产品设计能力和产品敏感度,独立负责过无线产品尤其是电商及交易类产品的设计和实施
  • 思维严密,可以提出问题,证明假设,并聚合不同的可能性
  • 执行力强,有较强的解决问题的能力,可以发现真正的问题,并定义可行的解决方案
  • 自我驱动,有较强的书面和口头沟通能力
  • 数据驱动,会根据数据来分析问题和评估解决方案,
  • 结果驱动,可以明确的定义最终目标并有能力整合资源实现这一目标


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