Power Electronics Engineer

Samara imagines how Airbnb’s values of generosity and trust manifest in the experiences and products of tomorrow, and how the host-guest dynamic applies beyond hospitality. Our mission is to bring these concepts to life. We strive to distinguish our process with the world’s most forward facing design, technology and critical thinking. Samara focuses on the everyday and builds hardware and software that support this direction.

We are looking for someone who can approach problems from the first principles and conduct fair, deep and thorough research. They will be tasked with designing risky and sometimes unconventional solutions, that they can justify using prototypes, calculations, simulations and other available resources.

Key responsibilities

  • Architect, design, build and test the electrical part of the project
  • Create and drive verification and testing protocols
  • Work through the UL certification process
  • Work with the mechanical team on integration and implementation of custom components
  • Develop relationships with suppliers and specialty advisors
  • Thoroughly document research and development process

Key qualifications

  • BS in Electrical or other relevant engineering field
  • Strong EE fundamentals
  • 4+ years of experience in Electrical Engineering
  • Thinking from the first principles: pursuing the foundations of a problem instead of thinking by analogy.
  • Natural cereal entrepreneur: we’re solving the problems that nobody has ever tried to solve before and we need a good portion of unconventional thinking to be successful.
  • If you see something do something: there’s no such thing as “not my job” at Samara. We’re a small agile team and proactiveness is a key trait we’re looking for.
  • Attention to detail: we’re designing highly intricate systems, so precision and accuracy are vital for the environment.
  • Scientific thinking: while listening to intuition is important for the creative process all final decisions have to be quantitatively justified with clearly defined reasons and uncertainties.

Preferred qualifications

  • Understanding of the electrical standards and regulations (UL, NEC)
  • Experience with high-voltage electrical systems
  • Experience with renewable energy systems (solar, battery etc.)
  • Electrical technician, or master electrician qualification
  • Experience with electrical power systems: transformers, generators, uninterruptible power systems, power conditioning, power factor correction, harmonics filters, grounding, wiring practices, lightning protection, insulation, arc-flash safety, and EMF interference
  • Proficiency in EDA software (Altium etc.)
  • Proficiency in electrical simulation software (LTspice etc.)
  • Proficiency in thermal analysis software
  • Proficiency in digital fabrication (CNC machining, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, CNC turning and 3D printing etc.)

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