Payments Product Manager - China

Payments Product Manager - China


Job Description

At Airbnb, if there’s anything related to money, it comes to the Payments team.  We are building a world-class payments platform - one that currently supports 191 countries, 70 currencies, connects dozens of payment providers and banks, and processes multiple billions of dollars.  As the platform grows, we’ll be adding new payment partners, global licenses, and building new payment experiences for our guests and hosts. The Payments team builds a scalable foundation to support global scale, helps the company grow by bringing new markets and demographics to the platform, and enables new business initiatives to thrive by providing easy to use payment services.


Who We’re Looking For

First and foremost, we’re looking for people who know and use Airbnb and believe in what we’re trying to accomplish. Airbnb is a marketplace that connects guests and hosts but provides the level of trust needed to enable each transaction. Payments is central to creating that trust, which is why Payments is a core and strategic part of Airbnb.


The Product team is at the center of all of the activity on our team. We play the role of conductor, enhancing our engineers, designers, and data scientists to build great product experiences. Our Payments Product Managers own and lead outcomes related to foundation, growth, and enablement. This means our PMs set the vision and strategy, the roadmap, and executing on the plans that are developed.


The China Payments PM will sit with a dedicated Payments team based in our Beijing office, and work closely with our China Business product teams. You’ll work with the local teams to understand market needs, and move at the pace required to help our business grow in China. As the first China Payments PM, you’ll play a key role in helping us establish full-stack, cross-functional Payments teams in China.

Required Qualifications:

  • Five + years building payments or financial products in a product management role
  • Understand the needs of your customers, prioritize, continuously building and iterating
  • Ability to narrate a story for what problem you’re solving for and the vision you’re going after, combined with the capacity to dive into minute details
  • Ability to create partnerships both inside and outside of the Product organization
  • Exceptional decision making skills: given limited resources, how do you prioritize across needs?
  • Thrives in a startup environment: loves dealing with fast pace, changing needs, and limited resources.
  • Technical: understands technology, effectively works with engineers to develop solutions that provide tangible customer value
  • Travel: ability to travel several times a year - domestically to different parts of China, Singapore, and the United States
  • Language: fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English, in written and verbal forms


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Local: experience working as a product manager for a payments company in China, or as a payments product manager for the payments group within a larger company
  • Global perspective: experience with global payment methods outside of credit cards
  • Startup to scale: startup experience, building products from the ground up and bringing those products to large scale

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