Ground Control Manager, Japan

Our Japan office is growing and we’re looking for an extraordinary person that has an impeccable passion for our people & culture!

As part of the Employee Experience, the Global Ground Control Team is focused on creating meaningful, experiences for the people at Airbnb through celebration and appreciation, communication and education, space and food. The Ground Control Manager will be responsible for overseeing all efforts related to culture and climate, including general office operations to bolster a welcoming, positive, supportive, creative, clean, inspiring work home for all.

The Ground Control Manager is the ultimate host - anticipates needs, has a pulse on the feeling of the office and is able to take action on creating something that will improve morale, increase productivity or celebrate an accomplishment, whatever it is that the team needs. This person is flexible, empowered and can make magic happen at the drop of a hat and consistently inspires the team to do the same.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

General & Administrative

  • Office management and support
  • Nurture and grow the local Airbnb culture
  • Create and implement unique programs that surprise, delight and inspire the team (ie. family tree, theme day ideas/participation, community service/events, engagement, etc).
  • Oversee the food program including budgeting and sourcing local vendors
  • Be the driving force behind team events, office decor, food and all facets of employee experience.
  • Be a host and a central resource for both guests and employees alike.
  • Work closely with the regional and Global Employee Experience team including; Global Ground Control, Real Estate and Facilities, Food, IT, Talent and Hospitality.

Represent other Functions in the Region

  • Finance - invoices process, accounting requests, finance processes
  • IT point of contact
  • Represent Talent on the ground, acting as point of contact for annual leave allocation, documentation and human resource processes, cultural on-boarding etc
  • Recruitment – assist in ensuring the candidate experience is unified across the region.
  • Global Ground Control - Ensure global cultural initiatives are executed in the local office
  • Manage Ground Control Budget and ensure allocation of resources matches the team needs


  • Work closely with local team and regional team on office space design
  • Maintain a space that is inspiring, productive, welcoming and uniquely Airbnb.
  • Maintain organizational systems to reduce clutter in the office
  • Assist with employee requests from office supplies to facilities
  • Configure and re-configure desks and meeting spaces as needed to foster productivity
  • Understand basic A/V systems and be available to work with IT to help users

Events - Social, Experiential Learning, Community, Departmental

  • Creative liaison for all APAC offices
  • Coordinate event set-up and breakdown
  • Source vendors & venues for events
  • Event related off-site coordination
  • Organize events materials & supplies inventory

Internal Communications

  • Connection/alignment with SF, APAC and all global teams
  • Team meetings coordination
  • Japan Newsletter
  • Internal Brand alignment
  • Culture and Core Values Champion



  • A minimum of five to seven years of relevant experience in a fast moving, dynamic, Office Management, Human Resources, Media, Communications, Events Management role that required projects, events management and general office operations knowledge and experience.
  • We are looking for an extraordinary personality who shares our vision to build the most loved workplace to work in the world!
  • You are passionate about Airbnb and frequently host our travelers or have experienced the hospitality of our community personally
  • You know how to combine excellent communication and interpersonal skills in your day-to-day job. You naturally leverage proactivity, enthusiasm and organization skills to achieve your goals.
  • You’re a natural host and always seek ways to support others. You enjoy putting together experiences for others -- planning through execution and even clean up!
  • You are passionate and big on culture
  • Able to juggle tasks & prioritize
  • You love to create; good is never good enough for you. You never get tired of improving things
  • You have a university degree or diploma and is highly proficient in English and Japanese
  • You have a deep understanding of how businesses are conducted in Japan  and understand it's local nuances
  • Working experience in start-ups, dynamic and innovative environments is a plus.

This person will be the people and cultural voice of Japan , we want someone creative, motivated, hard-working and passionate about creating a fun, lively and exciting place to work!

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