Engineering Manager, Homes Platform (SOA)

What is the Homes team at Airbnb?

Whenever anyone thinks of Airbnb, the first thing that comes to mind is Homes.  Homes is Airbnb’s core business and we work on everything from driving improvements to the Guest and Host experience to launching new initiatives from the ground up. Within Homes engineering, you can have significant impact on a wide range of Airbnb products and users. Whether you are working on one of our big bets such as guest loyalty or personalization, improving our tools for guests and hosts around the world, or working on a new business such as Airbnb for Work or Airbnb Plus, you will be on a small team designed to maximize your ability to deliver results.  If you are motivated by how much visibility your work has, how much it impacts the company's bottom line, how many users see your work, or how it will impact your career growth, Homes is a great place to launch your Airbnb career.

What does being an Engineering Manager at Airbnb look like:

Being an Engineering Manager at Airbnb allows you bring a diverse set of skills all into focus to help us drive growth and impact across the world. You will necessarily have a technical background but are now responsible for important product and infrastructure surface areas to move forward. At a high level, that means a high interaction rate with your cross-functional peers (product, design, data science, research, and more) to develop strategy, long-term goals, and execution plans to get there. Day-to-day, you’ll be responsible for making sure the engineering team is delivering while adapting to all the changes that come along as projects go forward. In addition, you’ll be responsible for the career growth of your overall team internally at Airbnb - everything from 1:1’s to career progression plans and whole team career forecasts. You’ll be intimately involved in recruiting and working both with our internal recruiting team, our M&A team, as well as investing in growing your team directly. You’ll make sure the quality of the engineering efforts are always exceptional by setting up the correct processes and quality control checks for the team to execute within and you’ll identify new technologies and skill sets to bring into the team to keep the team moving forward on new challenges.

What kinds of challenges are Homes Managers working on in 2018 and 2019:

Homes is Airbnb’s largest group by far and that means there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. Drive high-volume guest-facing teams to continue Airbnb’s excellent growth trajectory, diversify Airbnb’s growing supply to tap into the greater hospitality ecosystem to enrich offerings to guests, accelerate growth and scale of Airbnb's newest brand, Airbnb Plus, by building new host, guest, and operations-facing products and technologies to optimize Plus for 2019, lead the technical and product roadmap to make Airbnb a preferred platform for business travel, lead teams that work with cities to manage global rollout, manage product teams that provide advanced insights, pricing tools and algorithms to make our hosts as successful as they can be, and drive mobile teams that are creating Airbnb’s next generation apps. In Homes we handle all aspects of Airbnb’s business, so you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

  • Core search and booking - The heart of Airbnb, working on the core flows that power the entire company. High-volume, high-impact guest-facing flows and features on all platforms - web, moweb, and iOS/Android. Airbnb for Events, personalized engagement, platformization, guest loyalty programs,
  • Host Supply and Management - Building the core flows for the entire supply side of Homes which includes growing our various hospitality segments, streamlining onboarding, building loyalty programs, and helping maintain the quality of our overall pool of listings at Airbnb, and generally making the lifecycle of a host on Airbnb as easy and rewarding as possible.
  • Homes Platform - One platform to help onboard, manage, and merchandize all homes and supporting all the host and guest facing teams in Homes. Helping the overall Homes organization move into a Service Oriented Architecture, introducing new forms of categorizing all homes on Airbnb, working with all of our partner cities to tailor rollout plans locally while expanding globally.
  • Expanding Airbnb Plus - Airbnb Plus is a new selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail. This involved modifying the search experience to introduce the new tier of listings and building and optimizing a completely customized product details screen.
  • Pricing tools and forecasting - Leading product teams that provide advanced insights, pricing tools and algorithms to our hosts based on their need and drive direct impact to hosts' success and Airbnb's business growth.
  • Expanding hospitality options - Lead the innovation and evolution of the partner integration platform, which allows Airbnb to tap into the greater hospitality ecosystem to enrich our offering to guests.
  • Growth in Airbnb for Work - Drive the technical and product roadmap to make Airbnb a preferred platform for business travel. Business travel is one of our fastest growing segments as more and more companies find Airbnb a solution for their employees.

Offices: Airbnb has Engineering offices in both San Francisco and Seattle in the U.S. We’re growing teams in each area quickly and you’ll find interesting work in both. Contact us to find out which office works best for you.

The following experience is relevant to us:

  • 7+ years of relevant engineering work experience and experience in managing engineering teams
  • Exceptional coding abilities and experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications
  • Track record in partnering with recruiting to build incredible engineering teams
  • Actively coached and mentored team members in their careers
  • Been actively involved in setting product strategy
  • Independently started self-sustaining teams
  • Consistently made culture choices that positively impact all of engineering
  • Shipped several large scale projects with multiple dependencies across teams


  • Stock
  • Competitive salaries
  • Quarterly employee travel coupon
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance
  • Life insurance and disability benefits
  • Fitness discounts
  • 401K
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Apple equipment
  • Commuter subsidies
  • Community involvement (4 hours per month to give back to the community)
  • Company sponsored tech talks and happy hours
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Much more...

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