Engineering Manager, China Growth

Engineering Manager, Growth

About Airbnb China and our engineering culture


Airbnb is redefining the world's approach to accommodation and travel. At Airbnb China, we aim to reinvent Airbnb’s global product by tailoring it to local needs. We build completely new products from scratch that make cultural sense to our Chinese users, as well as rethink and improve upon pre-existing experiences.


Our engineers own their impact end-to-end. They are expected to contribute to the road map, run product experiments, drive data analysis, and come up with next steps from the learnings. Our processes are set up to help us quickly understand what our users need.  

About this position


  • High interaction with your cross-functional peers (product, operation, data science, marketers, and more) to develop our growth strategy, long-term goals, and execution plans.
  • Responsible for building important growth products to drive business growth.
  • Responsible for making sure the engineering team is delivering while adapting to all the changes that come along as projects.
  • Responsible for the career growth of your overall team internally at Airbnb - everything from 1:1’s to career progression plans and whole team career forecasts.
  • Responsible for making sure the quality of the engineering efforts are always exceptional by setting up the correct processes and quality control checks for the team to execute within.
  • Responsible for identifying new technologies and skill sets to bring into the team to keep the team moving forward on new challenges.
  • Closely involved in recruiting and building the engineering team.

Example Projects


  • Personalized onboarding experience: maximize conversion rate by building personalized onboarding experiences for users from various acquisition channels to understand our value propositions and have trust to our community.
  • User retention: design and implement strategies to reengage and retain users by loyalty programs, coupon incentives, social interactions, etc.
  • Growth foundation: build solid infrastructure to effectively support various growth operations and strategies. Examples: 1) an accurate attribution model to link downstream user behaviors with up funnel spend to provide insights for ROI optimization. 2) a performant service to fast generate incentive package based on user stage and behaviors.



  • 1+ years of hands-on technical management experience
  • 5+ years of relevant engineering work experience
  • Actively coached and mentored engineers in their careers
  • Exceptional technical and architecture abilities and experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications
  • Experience in setting product strategy
  • Proficient in written and reading English. English speaking and listening is a plus.


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