(Contractor) CS Payments Associate


The CS Payments team works closely with our third party processors to track guest payments and locate host payouts. The team also assists with foreign exchange rate issues, complicated refunds and adjustment situations and works in a number of proactive projects related. All members of the CS Payments Team must be good investigators and pay attention to detail.  

Please note this is a 12 months contractor position. In this role you will be employed by a third party agency.

  • Provide professional and efficient service to hosts and guests requiring it, in addition to responding to escalated issues from internal teams.

  • Process complicated payments and line items including charges, refunds, adjustments, misc credits and payouts.

  • Communicate with third party processors and track payments/payouts. Be familiar with and comply to industry standards and regulations regarding sensitive user information.

  • Investigate and document bugs, product issues and customer complaints; escalate concerns to the correct party as appropriate.

  • Understand how foreign exchange rates work, and assist customers with related inquiries and troubleshooting.

  • Work on CX Payments related projects according to business need and as directed by Lead.

  • Writing: Your written communication is both clear and efficient. You tailor your style and tone to your audience and setting to ensure that your messages will be heard and understood. You know when written messages are appropriate and when to choose other forms of communication.

  • Making Decisions: You consistently make good decisions that are aligned with our core values, and backed up by our processes and policies. You challenge your assumptions to ensure quality, unbiased decisions based on facts and outcomes. You're comfortable making judgment calls, and you use observation, reflection, experience, and reasoning to reach informed conclusions. People seek you out for advice and solutions. You let your resources guide your thought process, and know when to ask others for input. 

  • Taking Initiative: You set the highest standards of quality for your work, and hold yourself and others accountable. You understand the importance of delivering excellent products and services to our community, and you're rigorous about examining and improving your own work to ensure it's always as good as it can be. Even when you're successful, you never stop looking for ways to improve. You pay close attention to details, no matter how small.

  • Managing Time Efficiently: You value time, and use it effectively and efficiently. You prioritize correctly, focusing your efforts on the things that are most important. You plan ahead, structure your day, and adapt your environment to make the best use of your time. You stay organized to ensure successful multitasking. 

  • Welcoming Ambiguity: You handle unexpected change with grace. You ask questions and seek to understand the reasons for change, while consciously avoiding assumptions of negative intent. You can effectively articulate the need for change and encourage optimism in those around you. You're able to perform at a high level, even during times of uncertainty. You trust your instincts and your ability to learn from past experiences, and you can confidently move forward even when you don't have all of the details. You're comfortable handing off incomplete tasks when necessary. You're an early adopter. 

  • Candidate must be located in Singapore

  • Fluent in English, and native level of one of the Asia languages, Mandarin/Korean/Japanese

  • Availability to work 5 days a week (schedule include one weekend day)

  • Experience in client-facing roles; comfortable making/taking customer calls

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Knowledge of or experience in the processing of international payments is a plus.

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