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 About Airbnb

Airbnb’s mission is to connect people to unique travel experiences, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 Countries.   We are making it possible for hosts to supplement their income while helping visitors from around the world experience neighborhoods and communities outside traditional tourist zones.


Data Science in a nutshell

Here at Airbnb, we’re big fans of travel.  We love thinking about the diversity of experiences our host community offers, and we spend a fair amount of time trying to make sense of the tens of thousands of cities where people are booking trips every night.  If Apple has the iPad and iPhone, we have New York and Paris.  The tricky thing is, most of us haven’t been to Cuba, so we try to come up with creative ways to help people find the experience they’re looking for in places they may have never been.  The data science team works in tandem with product management, engineering, and design teams to solve for things like this.  

Each data point we collect represents a choice by a user - creating a profile on our website, searching for where to visit, choosing the right place to stay, or accepting one guest over another. Our mission is to understand those decisions and help the company respond to them effectively.  In some cases we work with product to build algorithms that learn and improve over time; in others we research concepts that can lead to new business opportunities; and foremost, we strive to implement rigorous A/B experiments whenever we can. We also work with non-product teams like marketing, public policy, and HR.

Through data, we can stay connected to our community at scale, and doing so effectively requires hiring the right people.

Airbnb Connect:  Data Science Associate Program

We aspire to build a team that is creative and impactful, and we want to develop a lasting, positive culture. One important way to achieve this is by reaching out to groups who are underrepresented in the emerging field of data science.  Airbnb Connect enables experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines to spend six months learning the skills needed to transition to our industry, and an opportunity to join our team.  The six month data science program includes three months of foundational training through one of our education partners, and three months at  Airbnb’s San Francisco office working on a relevant business project alongside our incredible data science team.


  • Applicants should be from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech.
  • Candidates must first be accepted into the Galvanize program.  Follow the link below to apply.


Our team works on a wide range of problems, from how to grow our community to matching guests and hosts, and even policy research and HR analytics.  If you are interested in entering the field and are excited to learn from a team of dedicated data scientists, Airbnb is the perfect place to evolve your career.


  • Undergrad or graduate degree, STEM fields preferred but not required.
  • 2-5 years of work experience in an analytical field (i.e: finance, consulting, academia, etc.).
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Python, SQL and statistical analysis.
  • Keen eye for detail and thoughtful approach to hypotheses prior to drawing conclusions.
  • Must have a passion for shaping the future of travel and interest in the sharing economy.


  • The total cost to attend Galvanize is $16,000.  Airbnb will contribute $10,000 per candidate toward the cost of attending Galvanize.
  • Upon successful completion of the Galvanize 12 week immersive program, selected students will join the data science team at Airbnb’s San Francisco office for a period of three months.  Candidates will be paid an hourly rate during their three months onsite.


Application Process:  Galvanize and Airbnb have independent application processes.  

Step 1:  Click this link to Apply to Galvanize.

Step 2: Eligible candidates who are accepted into Galvanize are welcome to apply to this job posting.  

Airbnb Application

    • Submit Resume
    • Please include a cover letter which describes :
      1. Why you’re interested in shifting to a data science role
      2. How your experiences might enhance the diversity of the team
    • Selected candidates will interview with the Airbnb team



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