Senior Machine Learning Product Scientist

Working Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Do you want to practice an agile ML product research at its mastery? Come leap forward with us! We’ve assembled a team of 25 researchers from all around the world (and more than 250 data engineers) who crack daily some of the toughest ML problems – at the extreme of the scale – within the e-commerce domain. We do it all: answering and routing emails automatically; driving traffic to our site using sophisticated bidding engines; personalizing every corner of the site via state of the art deep learning models; etc.

At our core we are the masters of combining science and business; our ideal candidate would be able to do the same with the following signature:

  • Understand the power of agile iterations where you only look to move a little further by combining business insights with the power of hands-on machine learning.
  • Understand data, its quirks, its power, but most importantly that nothing about it can be taken for granted (so we must spend infinite amount of time getting intimate with it).
  • Have an end-to-end and hands-on mindset: you start with an idea (or many of them), run a POC or build an MVP, launch an A/B test (and often a few of them), deploy the wins, setup up proper monitoring, reflect, and repeat.
  • A team player, a collaborator, a colleague, an associate, a family member.

You like our vision? We’re glad you do! Come join us and we’ll happily share the wealth.

We do have a few prerequisites, these are not hard barriers but rather are insights into our preferences (but we embrace diversity and exceptionalism):

  • 2 years minimum experience in roles that extensively utilize coding, data handling, statistics, and machine learning (5 years are even better).
  • An academic quantitative degree, preferably a PhD.
  • Coding, coding, coding (did we mention coding? R, Python, C#, Java, C++, Scala, …)
  • Extras: SQL, NLP, DL, TF, business acumen, blog writing, good sense of humor

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