Java Engineer - Platform

AddThis Platform Engineering Team is responsible for the company’s server infrastructure that handles billions of web requests and processes terabytes of data every day. We are looking for a top software engineer to join our small but talented team.
In addition to all the perks offered by one of the Washingtonian Best Places to Work, you get to make a real impact on the web infrastructure and data processing engine that power one of the top properties on the internet. Our software stack includes many best-of-breed open source technologies, such as Cassandra and Akka, as well as home grown tools, some of which have been/are being open sourced (checkout our Github page). As we scale our business, you will help tackle many challenges along the way, ranging from hardware to software, to make our platform more robust and efficient. You will have a say in how to make existing software better and what new technology to adopt.
We value many things more than past experience in particular technologies or languages. You must have strong computer science fundamentals including a deep understanding of data structures and distributed algorithms. You have extensive experience with distributed computing, performance analysis, network protocols, data storage subsystems, and Linux. You are care deeply about performance and performance monitoring. You are a polyglot programmer who uses the right language for the job, be it Java, Scala, JavaScript or Python, and are not married to any for philosophical reasons. You are excited to learn new things and have the aptitude for doing it quickly. You must have the right attitude to play on a team. You are more pragmatic than idealistic when it comes to software development. You know how to compromise and can strike the right balance between a perfect solution and delivery on time and under budget.

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