Sales Coordinator

Addteq is seeking a talented coordinator to assist our sales team, managing licensing and billing related tasks.

What You'll Do:

  • Collaborate with sales team on quotes, estimates, and pricing.
  • Monitor sales and licensing pipeline, respond to incoming requests, and work with sales team on renewals.
  • Help maintain the integrity of CRM and other sales tools.
  • Maintain communications with sales team and client coordinator on sales related administrative action items.
  • Participate in daily client/operations calls.
  • Collaborate with accounting/finance department in revenue and billing related inquiries.
  • Analyze processes to improve current workflows and internal control.

  • Prior experience relevant to administration, operations, or sales.
  • Great people skills, ability to work through various communication channels.
  • Working knowledge of office software and online collaboration tools.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Desire to learn and go the extra mile.

Who We Are:

Addteq strives on building innovative DevOps solutions through the idea of modernizing traditional applications for Mid-size & Enterprise organizations. Clients depend on us to provide Atlassian solutions, managed hosting, custom integrations, DevOps Transformation and adoption of AWS & Docker. Located in NJ with offices across the globe.
  • We celebrate everything from anniversaries to birthday parties, ping pong/dart games, beer and brag Fridays.
  • If you feel the same as we do about software automation, please join us!
  • Take a look inside the office of Addteq !

See Inside the Office of Addteq

Addteq has been a leader of providing business solutions to enterprise clients for more than 10 years. Through the use of DevOps automation, Addteq strives to create innovative solutions to solve business processes. Clients depend on Addteq to provide Atlassian solutions, create custom add-ons, conduct training, offer hosting and staffing, perform DevOps services, and provide overall support services.

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