Java - (PERM) - Java Kafka- Real-Time Streaming (4) - DAL/CHI

    • Mansfield, TX

Senior Java Developer - Real Time Applications / Streaming

Salary: $135-195,000 + Bonuses

Our client is a well-established organization that started in the early 1970's. They have locations in Dallas and Chicago. They are revamping their software system and doing a completely new rewrite of the software. They are a SaaS based organization that is looking for the following type of developers:

  • 8+ year of experience in building large scale, data-centric solutions.
  • Java 8+ experience required.
  • Experience with high speed distributed computing frameworks. (Any of: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka Streams, Apache Flink or similar technologies)
  • Experience with distributed message brokers. (Any of: Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Amazon Kinesis or similar technologies)
  • Experience with cloud technologies and migrations. AWS Preferred but Azure, GCP, PCF acceptable.
  • Experience developing and delivering technical solutions using public cloud service providers
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests with testing frameworks (Any of: Junit, Citrus or similar technologies)
  • Experience working with various types of databases like Relational, NoSQL, Object-based, Graph.
  • Experience following Git workflows
  • Working knowledge of DevOps tools. (Like: Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm and CI/CD pipeline or similar technologies)
  • Familiarity with monitoring related tools and frameworks. (Like: Splunk, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, AppDynamics or similar technologies)
  • 'Get stuff done' and flexible mindset for greater good of the organization.
  • Intellectually curious and eager to learn.

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