Contract X-Ray Tech

Radiologic Technologist Job Description Radiologic technologists are required to be knowledgeable in all terminology related to radiography, anatomy, and pathology. A professional technologist will also possess strong interpersonal skills and a pleasant bedside manner, similar to other healthcare professionals including nurses and medical doctors. A large part of the radiologic tech's job requires giving instructions to patients who may be nervous regarding radiography procedures.

Job Duties

  • Explaining procedures to patients and answering questions.
  • Preparing equipment for use as needed.
  • Preparing examination rooms for patient exams.
  • Positioning patients for imaging exams.
  • Monitoring patients during exams.
  • Documenting information with computers.
  • Reporting important information to the physician.
  • Ensuring safety of patients during exams.
  • Producing diagnostic images of soft tissues.

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