Senior Rendering Engineer

    • Madison, WI

Job Title:Senior Rendering Engineer
Requisition ID:R000758
Job Description:RAVEN SOFTWARE, developer of numerous award-winning games, including Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: WWII, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Modern Warfare 3, Singularity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine , and Wolfenstein is seekinga Senior Software Engineer with a rendering emphasis. We are actively recruiting engineering talent to work on developing the latest Call of Duty engine technology. This is a great opportunity to work with a passionate engineering team and help shape cutting-edge industry technology.

Your Mission:

  • Develop, design, modify, optimize and debug rendering pipeline and engine systems
  • Deploy, evaluate performance and test software on all supported platforms
  • Collaboration and co-development with other engineering teams
  • Contributing to department best practices and guidelines
  • Communicate features and development with production, engineering, design and art teams
  • Participate in the design, performance and code review process
  • Mentorship and training of other engineers and tech artists
  • Contribute to design and roadmap of industry-leading AAA engine

Player Profile:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Math related field
  • 6+ years of experience working with Computer Graphics and/or other related technologies
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong math skills
  • Knowledge of CPU, GPU and memory architectures
  • Experience writing shaders in HLSL, Cg or GLSL
  • Fluent in a modern 3D graphics API (OpenGL, Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12, or console equivalent)
  • Familiarity using modern GPU/CPU performance analysis tools
  • Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Strong background in C/C++
  • Solid debugging skills including ability to debug at an assembly-level when necessary
  • Good communicator that enjoys collaboration with other engineers, artists and designers
  • Passion for code and data optimization
  • Creative, motivated, focused, passionate, results-oriented

Bonus Experience:
  • Master's degree in a graphics-related field
  • Background with parallel programming and multi-threaded renderers
  • Experience with PS4 GNM, Direct3D 12 and/or Vulkan APIs
  • Familiarity with Physically-Based Rendering/Lighting
  • Experience writing Compute shaders
  • Demonstrated ability to write efficient, clean, readable, portable, and reliable code

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