Associate Game Instrumentation Engineer

    • Vancouver, Canada

Job Title:Associate Game Instrumentation Engineer
Requisition ID:R000982
Job Description:Job Title: Associate Game Instrumentation Engineer
Reporting To: Technical Lead, Data Instrumentation
Department: Central Tech
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA, Boulder, CO or Vancouver, BC

Your Mission
At Activision, excellent data telemetry plays an important role in making our great games even better. We collect and process a vast amount of game telemetry from live online sessions and backend services, allowing us to improve our products and provide a better overall user experience. This data also enables us to build data-driven game features and services, as well as nurture a data-informed culture throughout our development studios. You will be working with a talented group of game developers, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, producers and project managers, to provide the highest quality tooling and runtime libraries to enable easy instrumentation of our games. You'll be writing code in partnership with remote game studios that will be shipped with every title, so there will be a strong emphasis on writing code that is performant, memory-efficient, bug-free, and that will be welcomed by the game studios.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with Game studio engineers and instrumentation engineers to deliver SDKs that are easy to leverage in our games
  • Approach all systems and interactions with a customer-first focus, including a solid understanding of the trade-offs between rapid solutions and overall stability
  • Contributing to the improvement of data instrumentation methodologies across the organization
  • Troubleshooting data issues with online and multiplayer features
  • Work within studio deadlines for instrumentation requirements

Player Profile
  • Fluent in C/C++
  • Experience developing with Unity or similar game engines
  • Familiar with game-side scripting languages, e.g. Lua
  • Knowledge of other programming languages such as Python, Java, C# is desirable
  • Comfortable working in large code bases, and with large remote teams
  • Understands the importance of following strict processes to ensure build stability
  • Experience with development tools and suites such as, Visual Studio, Perforce, JIRA
  • Understanding of networking technologies, e.g. TCP, UDP, security and scalability
  • Experience with multi-platform game development

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