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ACT Commodities is a global leader in trading environmental commodities. Founded in 2009 as one of the first companies to pursue this market, we are now one of the largest specialized trading firms in the fields of carbon emissions, biofuels and renewable energy on a global scale. This is complemented with widespread activity in the oil and petroleum markets, which expand our scope covering the intertwined world of energy and fuel commodities. ACT Commodities operates in both Amsterdam and New York.

Multifaceted role

Sales Traders are the beating heart of our business. Ambitious, innovative and team oriented, these highly valued employees are intelligent professionals with a commercial skill set and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our work is about understanding a complex and dynamic marketplace where changing legislation, product availability and client requirements add up to opportunities for making trades that benefit all parties. As an ACT Commodities Sales Trader, you get to do it all, from building client relationships to identifying and sourcing suitable products, negotiating the terms and closing the deals.

If you're good at keeping your eye on the ball, seizing opportunities, and enjoy the challenges of matchmaking products, business requirements, legislative stipulation, logistics, and finances, then becoming an ACT Commodities Sales Trader could be the rewarding career you've been looking for.

Positive, personable work environment

Sales trading is a people-oriented profession. Unlike screen trading, which mainly entails clever number-crunching to try to outwit the market, sales trading is about nurturing client relationships. At ACT Commodities, our job is to realize mutually beneficial deals in tangible commodities and products that businesses actually use.

We capitalize on a social and collaborative working environment that inspires each individual to excel. ACT Sales Traders operate as an energetic team that thrives within a culture of trust, honesty, and sharing. Our ability to pull together is a key company strength.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in Business Economics or Finance
  • Experience 2-5 years in a sales trading, trading or brokerage/account management role
  • Specific experience in the energy sector
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong numerical skills
  • Willingness and ability to learn
  • Strong ability to handle constructive criticism and not afraid to fail and try again
  • Taking initiative, a commercial and creative mind with an entrepreneurial attitude

Compensation & benefits

  • The chance to create your own business and build up your client portfolio within our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial team
  • Challenging working environment with a lot of opportunities
  • Working in one of the fastest growing and most volatile commodity markets
  • A competitive salary and performance bonus
  • Intensive in-house training to develop valuable commercial trading skills
  • Attention to and training of personal development

Meet Some of ACT Commodities's Employees

Rick L.

Manager, Renewable Energy

Rick helps his clients achieve all their environmental goals while also assisting the other sales traders on his desk in performing their everyday trading activities.

Kala P.

Corporate Recruiter

Kala is responsible for the entire ACT Commodities recruitment process from start to finish. She also handles most HR processes—and fun office projects whenever they come up.

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