Artificial Intelligence Manager

At Accenture, the Emerging Technology group is responsible for incubating the next generation of Accenture's technology services. By partnering with Accenture Technology Labs, Emerging Technology Delivery and the Technology Industry Ecosystem, it provides expert services to identify, pursue and deliver advanced and emerging technologies with pioneering clients.

The Emerging Technology team is spread worldwide and currently focuses on the following domains: Architecture Excellence, Cognitive Computing, Connected World, Delivery Innovation, and Software Engineering Innovation.

The Cognitive Computing domain aims to exploit advances in computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer differentiated assets and solutions to our clients.

More specifically:

  • The Cognitive Enterprise service area aims at enabling computers to operate as humans would, thus creating smarter enterprise solutions that are able to sense, comprehend, and act. Cognitive Computing consists of multiple technologies that enable computers to perceive the world (e.g. computer vision, audio processing or sensor processing), analyze and understand the information collected (e.g. natural language processing or knowledge representation), and make informed decisions (e.g. inference engines, machine learning or expert systems). When combined, these technologies can lead to various capabilities, including virtual agents, natural language question answering systems, and machine learning applications. See for more info.
  • The Video Analytics service area aims at offering advanced Video Analytics Services to organizations such as law enforcement, border management, municipalities, financial services, retail and other industries who seek to enhance their existing video surveillance networks with advanced computer vision, intelligent processing capabilities to improve operations, marketing and security. We provide solutions that combine video processing technologies, data analytics and visualization interfaces to our clients, to enhance their situational awareness and generate actionable insights. See for more info.

Candidates in this role will alternately be working internally within the Cognitive Computing team to develop innovative concepts and applications, and for our clients across the world to pilot and deploy solutions at scale.

  • When working internally, you will participate in the development of our Cognitive Enterprise & Video Analytics solutions, from prototyping new functionality and technologies to integrating them in our overall products, thus developing your expertise and skills in this domain.
  • For our clients, you will support the development and deployment of our Cognitive Enterprise & Video Analytics solutions and will usually collaborate with international teams of consultants. Project teams are typically multi-disciplinary, supplementing your technical ability with industry experts, local technology skills, and functional knowledge. Activities will include requirements gathering, design, development and/or integration of applications and technology solutions, to team or project management, and ongoing interaction with client personnel.

Candidates for this role should possess most of the following skills and characteristics:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to present in front of an audience
  • Team spirit and problem solving skills, ability to work independently
  • A strong interest in leading edge technology, and in user experience/usability
  • A willingness to learn deep technical skills and apply them to the business of our clients
  • Creativity and the ability to propose and drive idea realization
  • Very good interpersonal skills and ability to present in front of an audience
  • Team spirit and problem solving ability, ability to work independently
  • Strong written and oral communications skills; ability to establish credibility
  • Ability to take ownership, initiation and incubation of new ideas and concepts on school / work projects. Desire to create practical new business applications based on innovative technologies
  • Experience managing and leading teams

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Marissa develops end-to-end email marketing and campaign management solutions for her clients, helping them use the Salesforce marketing cloud to excel in their industries and grow their businesses.

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