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Our Product/Tech organization is typical Tribes/Squads. We currently have 3 Tribes and 8 Squads, each composed of a Product Manager, a Product Designer, a Tech Lead and 4 to 6 developers. The Squad can apply a specific framework for the delivery process : Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban… and use their own tools for the discovery as well (no rules, only framework).

As a Senior Product Manager for the personalization Squad, you will have complete ownership of the Personalization product at AB Tasty. This means owning the personalization product roadmap to reach the North star metric, by :

What you will do :

  • Discovery
  • You master your market:  we’re in a 7,000+ competitor space. We’re fighting everyday for customer budget and battle with very diverse competitors. You’ll have to champion competition, provide oversight, and help position and differentiate against them.
  • You’re able to discover product opportunities: you’ll pair with a product designer and work closely with customers, sales, services, customer success, and engineering to discover new problems, and prioritize features based on data evidence, testing, north star metrics, and OKRs.
  • You build, measure and learn continuously: you’ll foster a culture of data-driven decision making by proactively measuring the impact of what you’ll build, you’ll make mistakes, iterate, and continuously improve (aka Kaizen).
  • You always fight complexity: it is complex to keep things simple. Being lean is your way of life, you thrive to make the minimal investment (we did not say MVP) that will bring the highest value to your users.

What we are looking for :

  • You have proven 5+ years product management experience. You can demonstrate a strong track record of achievements in designing, building, delivering impactful products & services from a business and usage perspective.
  • You are Customer-Centric: you are the voice of the customer because you meet with them regularly, and you ensure features do bring value to them.
  • You breathe and leave technology : you are a curious person, and like “playing” with new apps and tools, you are coding, or know what it takes, and you master.
  • You’re able to define  “A-team” plans : you plan in advance and can anticipate potential risks (technical, operational, legal or business).
  • You are always one step ahead, able to zoom in to solve operational problems as well as to zoom out to present a clear strategic roadmap. 
  • You’re a top notch communicator: you must be a strong speaker and storyteller, comfortable in front of large, senior groups.
  • You’re able to craft light & “easy collaboration” specs : your design and copywriting knowledge is a plus as you will be expected to develop specifications, opportunity assessments, 6-pagers and other light specifications.
  • You own a Bachelor's/Master's degree in a technical discipline - Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths- or equivalent experience or equivalent professional experience.
  • You’re data-driven: every project you launch starts with KPI definition and objectives. You see data as a strategic asset for the  company and you try to maximise it in every project you start.
  • You’re a team player: you go to see others when Slack isn’t efficient. You like to interact with other colleagues and take them to a have beer.
  • You’re fast & entrepreneurial: experience in strong growth environment where company changes every 6 months, ability to pivot quickly or take decision with only part of the information.
  • You’re english-first: you have excellent written and verbal communication skills as there is a heavy amount of writing and presenting/selling ideas in this role (native english is a plus).
  • Bonus: if you already worked in e-commerce, started your own company (even if a failure), these are extra bonuses ! 

AB Tasty is an all-in-one and expandable conversion optimization platform.

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