Cybersecurity Engineer

    • Paris, France

What you will do :

  • Work alongside the Feature Teams in order to propagate the best practices of secure development, deployment and to accompany the developers in considering the requirements of security.
  • Design and lead training and awareness sessions on secure development.
  • Provide security expertise to teams developing security-related features (authentication, access control, etc).
  • Conduct technical audits (intrusion test, code audit) of applications published by AB Tasty, determine the actions to be undertaken and monitor their proper implementation with the teams.
  • Set up and operate tools and processes to enhance application security (Web Application Firewall, static and dynamic code analysis, Bug Bounty, etc).
  • Collaborate with the Security Compliance Manager on the Information Security Management System on topics related to application security.

What we are looking for :

  • Mastery of OWASP, as well as application and defense against attack techniques are essential.
  • Knowledge of ISO 27001 and / or legal and regulatory requirements for tracers would be a plus.
  • You are an educator, you like to work in a team and are not opposed to writing pragmatic documents (policies, procedures, etc).

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