Clinical Research Associate for Pharmaceutical Ad Agency

The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) for our Pharmaceutical Ad Agency is responsible for the scientific accuracy of biotechnology and pharmaceutical advertisements. Since the advertisements are produced for the professional market, all material must be checked for factual accuracy as well as adequately supported with current scientific research from leading journals and publications. Therefore, the CRA primarily works with the copywriter to confirm the content of ads for the medical professional and consumer markets. The CRA also works directly with all members of the brand team and provides complimentary support for other CRAs, all of whom work on a diverse range of pharmaceutical products.

This position provides general knowledge of the marketing field as well as a fun and driven work environment which encourages participation in outings, team sports, and $2 Friday lunches. Ideally, one must have a general interest in analyzing material presented in research publications as well as an overall attention to detail. A biology or life sciences background is required..

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