Lead Data Consultant

Here at 84.51° data lies at the center of everything we do and because of this we treat our data solutions as products in and of themselves. The Sr. Data Solutions Owner is therefore part Product Manager, part Data Wrangler, part Data Evangelist and part Data Architect.

At a higher level the Sr. Data Solutions Owner is perhaps the job where the epithet “wears many hats” is most apt. To be a Sr. Data Solutions Owner at 84.51° you cannot be just one thing. You need to be ALL these things.

You are a JACK OF ALL TRADES. Technical and Business Analyst who can “float” between Data Solutions, helping to define and refine Epics, Features, and Stories for scrum teams, coordinating across technical teams (development, operations, etc.).

You are an ENGINEER. Well “culturally” at least. You can roll with engineers, speak the same language, grasp the technical concepts (and problems and opportunities) quickly, and by so doing gain the respect and trust of the people actually building the bits. You can also grind out queries to interrogate data with the best of them and help solution alongside the engineers.

You are a ROUTER. The better a job you do at bringing the right information together with the right person to act on it (particularly when that’s not yourself) the faster stuff gets done.

You are a SME. You understand the data – its origins, intersections with other data sources and content. You can add context and are always looking for possibilities to make the data even better.

You are a COACH. Teams and analysts come to you looking for guidance on what data to use and how to use it.

You are an ENABLER. Doing what needs to be done to allow the business priorities to move forward. This includes digging in to drive out inconsistencies in the data, bringing in and understanding new datasets and how they fit into the big picture.

You are an INTERROGATOR. Performing data analysis and investigation is what you live for. Each bread crumb leads you to another piece of the puzzle.

You are a JANITOR. Because if you’re not doing cleanup & data hygiene work, then someone else has to and that means they aren’t doing their own important work — and that means your data and the products built on it will suffer.


*Act as the Data Solutions Owner and main point of contact for the agile development team on the features you own
*Work with the technical lead & development team on data solutions; creating and prioritizing user stories 
*Build and maintain relationships with the business to ensure that their ongoing needs and issues are understood
*Provide input and feedback into the data roadmap and overall integration of data with products
*Troubleshoot issues with the data to determine root cause and the corrective course of action
*Work with the business, operations, product owners and support teams in order to prioritize data fixes


*Experience developing business cases assessing requests and prioritizing
*Strong business analysis skills to get at true business need
*Facilitation skills sufficient to bring together various stakeholders to set the scope
*Negotiation skills to arbitrate different points of view
*Experience writing requirements and manage others driving requirements through the full SDLC. 
*Ability to own and drive User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
*Ability to own and drive defect triage and prioritization
*Strong technical skills using Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Developer or similar
*Technical understanding of databases, flow diagrams, some ability to read code and scripts
*Ability to guide the user in identifying business requirements, analysis, specification, and the ability to apply them in practice for implementing solutions
*Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical audiences, and business concepts to technical audiences



*Experience with Agile and acceptance test driven development.
*Experience using Rally for requirements, development and defect management.
*Experience working with or within a Scrum team.
*Experience working within the Scaled Agile Framework.
*Some ability to read / navigate code and manipulate files (scripts)
*Experience working with Hadoop

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