Experience Design Manager

You have lived on both sides of an event – a critical attendee looking to get the highest value, and a dedicated team member driven to create a successful experience. You know how to create an indispensable experience that is inspiring, memorable, unique and on budget. You are as fluent in event management best practices as you are in the marketing strategies that drive their success, and can speak either language comfortably. You can translate this detailed knowledge to operations, programming, membership and marketing teams without losing sight of the big strategic vision for what you’re accomplishing.

You have developed schedules and budgets, put out last-minute fires, been the first-touch for a new attendee or customer, scripted communications plans and looked back with an analytical eye at what worked and what didn’t. You aren’t overwhelmed by detailed specifics such as signage specs and speaker contracts, and you’re able to organize your thoughts and priorities into calendars, project plans, budgets and pitches.

Brainstorming isn’t something you schedule time for – it’s constantly happening in the back of your mind. You keep your eyes open for best practices and missed opportunities wherever you are. You appreciate high- touch customer service and customized paths, and collect examples from your personal time, from books and speaker series, from podcasts and Instagram, from the brands you love and those you’ve left. When approaching a new experience to create, you have a mental (or even better, a real) library of ideas to draw on and build from.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

The ideal candidate for the Experience Design Manager role believes in the core values of 360 Live Media – The 360 Way – and is driven by our philosophy and mission. Beyond that, we are seeking a candidate who brings an intellectual curiosity rivaled only by their commitment to innovation. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to collaborate with a driven, bright and diverse team to create a high-impact something from a complicated nothing. Other desired qualifications are outlined below. The key responsibilities and qualifications of the ideal candidate are as follows:

1. Experiences-First: You understand the four dimensions of an event – physical, physiological, emotional and intellectual – and how each impacts your event objectives. You are curious about new ideas, willing to update established methods, and come equipped with knowledge of industry best practices. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • applying industry knowledge and marketing know-how to event design and experience elements
  • identifying new ideas and experiences, understanding their likely impact on event design and attendee journey, and communicating both effectively
  • prioritizing areas of investment and resource allocation to have the highest impact
  • managing stakeholder conversations around implementing new ideas, and helping to secure adapters for them

2. Love Thy Client: You are committed to serving our clients in a manner that helps them deliver on their business objectives, while helping 360 Live Media reach our goals. You are passionate about getting to know our clients personally and professionally, and using that knowledge to exceed expectations at every turn. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • defining strategies and tactics to ideate, design and create high-impact customer experiences
  • providing event expertise and support to account, creative and project team members
  • effectively setting and adjusting expectations with clients and internal teams
  • identifying experience design opportunities and overcoming constraints to deliver memorable experiences for our client’s customers

3. Results Focus: You have an exceptional track record of exceeding client expectations. You have a bottom-line orientation, with evidence of the ability to consistently make wise decisions through a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment. You possess the ability to balance client commitments and the realities of a budget, timeline, and competing projects and priorities. You are a problem solver and you are resourceful. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • accountability and ownership of Experience Design scopes of work and success metrics
  • supporting the day-to-day management for all assigned client deliverables
  • possessing the ability to explain why and how specific actions will work creatively, tactically, strategically, metrically and financially
  • outlining resource and project mandatories with the account and project teams

4. Strategic Vision and Marketing Foundation: You have the ability to think strategically, plan for obstacles and course-correct on the fly. You can generate ideas, and write detailed and/or long-form narratives with minimal oversight. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • conceiving, developing and pitching initiatives to clients using a persuasive and confident approach backed by experience and results
  • applying a marketing lens to all client recommendations, and understanding how a given initiative will impact the customer relationship and value proposition of an event or experience
  • participating in the conceptualization, design and development of solutions for 360 clients
  • researching and tracking industry best practices in customer experience, experience design and customer service

5. Action Orientation: You enjoy working hard and rolling up your sleeves with the team. You have the ability to act quickly, solve challenges and generate solutions, even with limited information. You are not afraid to take charge of a situation and make tough decisions.

6. Experience: You have a minimum of 5 years of client-facing, marketing or customer-oriented experience in an agency or startup environment.

In Return, You Will Have Access To:

  • highly competitive compensation, with annual bonus incentive
  • 401K plan with company match
  • full health, vision and dental insurance coverage
  • three weeks of paid vacation, plus paid volunteer and sick days
  • authority advancement program for professional development
  • monthly transportation allowance
  • 360 perks and our Free lunch Wednesdays - employee referral bonuses - intense, interesting days – every day – at one of Washington’s Best Places to Work!

Who Are We?

360 Live Media is an award-winning marketing and experience design agency that helps industry associations and corporations reinvent their live events to achieve strategic business objectives. From event design, marketing, branding and creative, to program development and speaker training, we help organizations build their brands, increase relevance and generate more revenue. Working at the intersection of Madison Avenue, Silicon Valley and K St, we bring fresh ideas, new thinking and real results to association executives and the organizations they lead. In 2015, 360 Live Media was awarded one of the top 10 Best Places to Work in Washington, DC by the Washington Business Journal.

Our Philosophy. We believe live media – events, conferences, trade shows and any forum where people connect face to face – is the original social media and the most powerful media platform to influence hearts and minds. A new frontier in marketing and communications has emerged through the powerful combination of digital and live experiences. We create uniquely innovative and disruptive experiences that help our clients engage, educate and connect their audiences in fresh, cost-effective ways that deliver results.

The U.S. events, conferences and tradeshows industry directly contributes $280 billion in direct spending, with 225 million participants and a $106 billion contribution to the national GDP, annually.

Working at 360 Live Media isn’t a “sit-behind-your-desk, 9–5, do-the-same-thing-every day” kind of experience. Based in the heart of Washington, D.C., our team of young, fast-paced, energetic and entrepreneurial strategists, innovators and doers are driven to achieve growth for our clients and our company.

To Become Our Next Experience Design Manager:

If this describes YOU, please get in touch with us immediately. To be considered, please send us the following:

  • Clearly communicate why you are the ideal candidate for this role.
  • Provide specific examples and experiences as proof points.
  • Attach your resume and relevant marketing plans, budgets, campaigns or other materials that support your application.
    Interested in working here? Then follow these instructions, because everything matters.

Meet Some of 360 Live Media's Employees

Don N.

Founder & CEO

Don is the Founder & CEO of 360 Live Media, leading the company forward in pursuit of its vision and objectives. He's passionate about pioneering a new way of building brand experiences by reinventing an old media platform.

Lauren B.

Account Director

Lauren leads strategic engagements and cross-functional teams for 360 Live Media clients, ensuring that her teams develop and deliver exceptional work that wows clients.

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