Part-Time Lead Back-end Engineer - Nomad Concert Management

About Nomad

Live shows have increasingly become the primary source of income for any performing artist. Ticket sales, attendance, and opportunities for young musicians continue to grow as industry giants spend more on concerts than ever before. As a result, concerts are also becoming more and more complex. Nomad is the first to solve this logistics problem by bringing touring artists and music venues onto the same platform. Our collaborative web app enables direct communication and organizes event info in one place. Teams waste less time managing details, and more time focusing on running the best show possible.

Nomad was founded by Washington University in St. Louis classmates Nick Carroll (BS Mechanical Engineering) and MJ Schoen (BS in Computer Science & Graphic Design). Nick has 3+ years experience in the music industry, having toured internationally and coordinated over 200 shows; MJ has 5+ years experience in UX/UI, Web Development, and Graphic Design. The past year was spent iterating on live prototypes, user testing features, and developing a pipeline of top artists, venues, promoters, and talent agents. At this stage, Nomad is positioned to grow quickly and organically with a strong beta release.

Our Technology Stack

  • Framework: Ruby on Rails 5
  • Front-end: jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Hosting Platform: Heroku (AWS)

What You'll Do

First and foremost, you'll own the back-end development of our beta product.

The user interface, design, front-end, and feature set have been well established and documented by the founding team. It will be up to you to execute the back-end to be ready for use by top artists and venues.


  • You'll have a chance to work on instant messaging, real-time editing (akin to Google Docs), push notifications, detailed permissions, exporting, and syncing features.
  • Develop RESTful API for web and mobile app
  • Build and maintain integrations with 3rd party API's, such as Google Places and FlightStats
  • Produce quality, readable, and well-tested code
  • Work directly with the team to solve complex problems
  • Research, suggest, and implement the best technologies and solutions
  • Develop a robust & scalable infrastructure for future iterations of the platform

Long term, you will have the opportunity to grow into an executive role where you'll manage a small team of developers, if such a role is interesting to you. Staying on top of the latest technologies, you will influence the overall direction of the company and pursue features and projects that both interest you and benefit the company.


  • Bachelor's degree (or higher) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field
  • 4+ years Ruby on Rails development experience
  • Experience working with Action Cable and building RESTful API's in rails
  • Experience working with 3rd party API's
  • Proficiency in community best practices for Ruby, Rails, and Postgres
  • Demonstrated capability in leading projects
  • Self-motivated developer with strong problem-solving skills
  • Passionate about writing clean, well organized, and production-ready code

Bonus Points

  • Passionate about music
  • Enjoys the rewarding challenges of building a startup
  • Experience developing iOS applications
  • Preferably uses tabs, NOT spaces


  • Equity
  • Competitive salary (once revenue-generating)
  • Free comprehensive medical and dental insurance (once revenue-generating)
  • Leading role in disrupting an exciting industry
  • Opportunities to attend concerts and festivals

Team Values

While we don't force people to think a certain way, we believe that these values make work (and life) a lot more rewarding and give us the best chance to succeed.

  • Make Innovative Products: You love solving problems to create the best possible products.
  • Challenge the Status Quo: You believe that you can have an impact on the world around you.
  • Be Curious: You actively surround yourself with smarter people to expand your world view.
  • Love The Process: You value your time, so you try to make everything you do fun and interesting.

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