Operations Associate - Sit Back Host

Sit Back Host is a comprehensive property management solution for short-term rentals (such as those listed on Airbnb and HomeAway). We are looking to make life as easy as possible for owners of short-term rentals by taking care of all responsibilities associated with managing them. Our business is rapidly expanding as a result of our commitment to delivering a superior experience to our guests through a combination of positive attitudes and communication, as well as by ensuring the right technical resources/processes are in place.

Hey you, super planner/go-getter/polymath,

You’re a Jack/Jackie/___ of all trades, and you do what it takes to make sure your tasks are completed and stuff is getting done – regardless of what you had originally planned on.

Your tenacious attitude and ability to do it ALL have served you well over the years. Your chameleon ways give you the ability to connect with anyone. You’re able to get a message across to all walks of life, by gearing the message conveyance towards them rather than what’s in your comfort zone. Your Emotional Intelligence is off the charts.

Planning skills are an 11/10, and the ability to adapt and be flexible have been part of your world for as far back as you can remember. Over-communication is your absolute favorite – details and paper trails make your operational world go round. Your ability to roll with the punches on any given day is unparalleled. You can communicate via phone, email, text, Slack, and Asana.

Interested? Keep reading.


  • Fast learner. We don’t want you left behind in any regard. We understand there’s a learning curve with starting any new job
  • Passion. You like leaving work every day knowing that you gave it your all and each and every day is a productive one.
  • Team player and disciplined individual worker. Micromanaging isn’t our thing – you’re able to carry your own and be an integral part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Being available during traditional work hours and, sometimes, not so traditional. We have set hours for checkins and checkouts, but there are exceptions to the rule. Being flexible is key to providing the best service to guests and cleaners alike – and anyone we may have forgotten.
  • Process creator. We’re still in our infancy of growth. We’re growing and there isn’t always a process. You meet us with a creative mind, ability to think outside the box, and be part of a productive discussion to make sure that things are streamlined and sanded down to make lives easier and things run smoother. We continually improve upon something that’s already great, and want your idea machine of a brain on board with us.
  • Ability to thrive, prioritize, and act within a sometimes high energy/stress environment.


  • Have experience within any of the following: Account management, event coordination, hospitality.
  • Know how to get a point across that is both tactful and informative. You don’t wait for your turn to talk- you’re an active listener and solution-oriented problem solver.
  • Familiarity to expert skill level of Google Suite, Slack, and Asana (or be willing to learn)

What You Will Become:

  • An Operational Guru. You’re coordinating with a multitude of guests, cleaners, and hiccups on any given day.
  • An Office Expert. Spreadsheets don’t scare you one bit. You’re working with multiple platforms that range from user friendly to … not so much. You’re resourceful, ask questions, and know when to speak up if something doesn’t make sense to you.

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