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About ApartmentJet

FOUNDED BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS: ApartmentJet is the newest product from the innovators who conquered the last major multifamily disruption, Craigslist, with the enterprise marketing and analytics tool RentSentinel. They followed up that success with RentSocial, a full-resident-lifecycle collaborative search tool praised at the time by Mashable and other tech sites as the most innovative consumer apartment listing website. Now they’re back to help solve a new problem.

MANAGE SHORT TERM RENTALS: Short term rentals are today’s Wild West for the Multifamily Apartment industry. A shift is happening. It’s hard to see, and it’s difficult to manage, but it’s full of opportunity.

ApartmentJet is an enterprise solution to help you grab the reins and right the saddle. We provide property management companies the portfolio-level visibility, control, revenue opportunity, and power to maintain a sense of community that’s too easily sacrificed in today’s sharing economy.

Our Technology

We are an early stage startup entering a stealthy pilot phase with funding, a prototype, and a handful of close partners (which is why our website doesn’t reveal too many details just yet).

We’re growing our technology team to help us turn our prototype into a production ready enterprise solution. Our goal is to design a simple experience, build lean products, analyze user feedback, iterate effectively, and deliver enormous value to our customers, hopefully with a bit of personality thrown in for good measure. To do that, we’re looking for stellar engineers.

Our prototype makes extensive use of Firebase. It was a quick and powerful prototyping solution. But now we want a backend of our very own. Enter you [from stage right, or left, or from behind a big red curtain].

You’ll work closely with our front-end developers to deliver high-performance, secure, back-end services. You’ll be responsible for helping to design and build developer-friendly APIs to support low-latency, high-availability web and mobile applications. You’ll be responsible for all server-side logic, including third-party integrations and data storage solutions. You’ll be an expert on authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. You’ll have a working understanding of web socket architecture and high I/O use cases. Most importantly, you’ll wonder why this description isn’t quite as playful or fun as the Sr Javascript Developer description, but you’ll be smart enough to know our answers are inadequate.


  • Previous experience building and maintaining Node.js server applications.
  • Previous experience designing and building restful APIs.
  • A demonstrable understanding of the design principles required to build scalable applications and database schemas
  • Understanding and experience with asynchronous programming and all its quirks.
  • A basic-to-great understanding of front-end frameworks and technologies
  • Ability to communicate your ideas effectively and document your decisions.


We’re based out of Chicago and offer flexibility (i.e. work from Starbucks, if you choose), competitive compensation, healthcare benefits, and the excitement of being part of an early stage startup. We are members at the world renowned technology incubator, 1871, where we have access to unmatched mentoring, events, workshops, and more!

See Inside the Office of 1871

1871 is Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for digital start-ups. With over 75,000 square-feet of facility space and continuing to expand, 1871 provides Chicago based start-ups with space, daily programming and events, connectivity, access to mentors, educational resources, potential investors, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 1871 strives to help its exceptional 250+ start-ups—and their amazing designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs—build a path to successful businesses.

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