Copywriter & Editor - Steersman Company

About the role and company

The team at Steersman Company is looking for a professional experienced in writing/editing copy and familiar with marketing. Steersman consults companies on business and the use of web- and cloud-based technologies, designs/builds/runs web applications and systems, and manages web content. In addition to providing services to third parties, we operate and experiment with our own online stores.

Projects that you would work on/participate in

  • Write copy that addresses the needs/requirements of customer/business per own analysis or per directions given
  • Write and edit copy for brand media to convey messages, promote, advertise or inform
  • Manage independent writers, edit copy contributed by others, provide feedback, request changes, approve/reject work of others
  • Figure out effective messaging based on positioning of a business
  • Figure out what customers want or value and how to reach customers effectively
  • Other tasks that may need to be done that you can learn to do and have time for

Our Approach

  • Given that there is much competition in our field, we aim to take on complex/hard tasks
  • We don’t do bad work and avoid useless or unreasonable tasks

RequirementsSkills and Prior Knowledge Required

  • Writing informational, promotional, product, and other copy
  • Editing various types of copy, including technical
  • Ability to put yourself into the shoes of the reader and writer (if editing)
  • Ability to tell apart marketing from promotion and advertising
  • Ability to see what must be done as opposed to what you want to do
  • Ability to work on a team, both taking and giving instructions
  • Ability to utilize social media to communicate with target customers
  • Ability to determine the most efficient strategy and tools to achieve required results
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher with 1+ year of professional experience or a relevant internship
  • Or 4+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Preferred major: journalism

The type of person we want, fitting to the expected responsibilities

  • Can follow instructions precisely or work independently and figure things out completely by self
  • Eager to learn and deal with complex tasks, to develop self to be much more capable than today
  • In addition to doing interesting work, can do mundane, complex, and tedious (all three at the same time) work that must sometimes be done
  • Pursues understanding important things as fully as possible when participating in doing them
  • Persuasive writer able to talk/write intelligently and concisely about complex things, and extensively about simple unimportant things
  • Willing to get to the office at 7:00 a.m. if a critical deadline approaches with much left to do, and to continuously help make sure that this never has to happen
  • Asks for more useful tasks to do or opportunities to learn when all current work is completed or on hold
  • Able to catch one or more grammatical/spelling error(s) on the third test section (case) of the application for this job and report it/them in the feedback section of the application, along with any other feedback you may have


  • $45-65k annual salary, depending on skills and productivity
  • Full time position
  • Health insurance
  • This job is based at 880 Lee Street, Des Plaines, IL, located within 7-minute walking distance from a Metra station (UP-NW line, Des Plaines station)

How to apply

1. Fill out the application form in Google Drive here (copy and paste if can’t click the link):

2. Send resume per instructions at the end of the application form above.

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