Digital Product Designer - Transaction Team

    • Draper, UT

Digital Product Designer : Transact Team : 1-800 Contacts


We’re looking for a UX and UI designer to help improve the customer experience for the transactional areas of our website — like cart, checkout, account hub and subscription management. You love the idea of researching and testing ways to reduce friction in the purchasing process and increase conversion rate, but you don’t stop there. You also have the visual design skills and experience, along with strong working knowledge of design and prototyping software to build and manipulate the pages you lay out and continue to test.

The designer will:

  • Conduct user research and design user flows
  • Design mockups and high-fidelity user interfaces
  • Work closely with developers to implement designs
  • Work with designers across other teams to create a cohesive brand experience
  • Follow and help further develop a style guide and UI kit
  • Focus on the closing web experience — cart, checkout, order confirmation, etc.

As a driver of the product and Transact Team, we’re looking for 3-5 years of relevant ecommerce design experience along with your portfolio.



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