Agile Coaching Lead

    • Draper, UT

Agile Coaching Lead Job Description

Job Summary

At 1-800 CONTACTS we are in the process of building our first Agile Coaching practice.  While we have long followed the Agile development methodology, the Agile approach has not extended into the way product owners, designers, etc. work with development.

This position is to be our first Agile Coach and be the person we build the practice around to eventually be the Lead for the practice for 1-800 CONTACTS. 

The primary focus of the Agile Coach is to facilitate and manage integrated teams (called swarms).  They are not expected to contribute directly to velocity.  While members of the swarm work “in” the system, working as a team to drive their KPIs, the coach works “on” the system, making the system more efficient and effective over time.

Further, the Lead will have personal responsibility for recruiting other coaches and then developing them. 

The Agile Coach works closely with the Product Manager and other members of the swarm to implement product development processes, guardrails, quality standards, training, and pre-release validation activities and methodology. They also actively look for improvement opportunities and facilitate improvement initiatives across the delivery teams


Until the Agile practice is built and an on-going part of our everyday business, this position will report directly to the CEO


  • Personnel and Team Development

  • Attract, recruit, and retain exceptional people

  • Build high performance teams; influence mission and purpose for individuals and teams

  • Take subtle control in assignment of individuals to teams; address issues that teams cannot unblock; recommend personnel changes where necessary

  • Evaluate performance; provide input, guidance, and corrective actions

  • Participate in defining and administering compensation, benefits, and promotions

  • Understand, teach, and sponsor technical skills development in support of high-quality code, components, systems, tests, and solutions

  • Listen and support teams in problem identification, root cause analysis, and decision-making

  • Help ensure the teams have the tools to perform their tasks

  • Help protect swarms from distractions and unrelated or unnecessary work

Knowledge and Skills

  • Humble, hungry and smart

  • Leadership experience, skills, and training

  • Understand, support, and apply Agile Architecture

  • Excellent interpersonal, collaborative, trust-building, conflict-resolution, and writing skills

  • Effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment

  • Software/Web automation scripting experience

  • Programming knowledge/experience

  • Database knowledge/experience

  • Passionate about creatively solving business problems

  • Works independently, self-motivated

  • Meet multiple, challenging deadlines while communicating expectations clearly

Experience and Proficiencies

  • Advanced knowledge within field

  • At least 5 years of experience within software development preferred

  • 4-year degree or equivalent experience

  • Team management experience

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