Employee Advocacy

We believe your employees are the voice of your employer brand, and help you to identify and activate your strongest advocates.

Advocate Identification

Employees are the source of truth about your employer brand–and your most trusted spokespeople (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2017). Historically, it’s been difficult to engage the right people in advocacy programs. We believe there’s a better way, and provide the tools you need to easily identify your most passionate employees.

Advocate Engagement

Engaging employee advocates has traditionally been a difficult task, dependent on incentives and wrangling. There is a better way to empower your existing advocates to promote your employer brand! Our platform allows advocates to opt-in and communicate exactly how they’d like to help. We help you (and them) understand how to successfully share your message with the world.

Customer Spotlight

See how The Muse has helped Duo Security identify and enable employee advocates to share its employer brand story.

The Importance of Employee Advocacy

The Face of Your Employer Brand

When it comes to employee advocacy, A great way to raise brand awareness, boost your reputation, and attract talent is leveraging your employees to tell your story. While candidates can certainly learn a lot from your career page or a stellar job posting, talking to their peers in person builds trust and humanizes your organization in an even more powerful way. Owning your brand and communicating it through a strong presence outside of the office is easy, it’s cost effective, and it should be an ongoing effort. Raise visibility by encouraging your employees to represent your company at conferences and networking events, speak on panels, write thought leadership pieces for other outlets, and share great work on their social channels. Another bonus: Including them in employer branding gives them a voice and makes them feel even more invested in the company.

Employee Stories and Insights

Original content is one of the most effective and engaging ways to tell your culture story and get the right candidates to care. Hearing employees share what gets them out of bed in the morning, the projects they’re passionate about, and favorite company traditions could be the hook that turns passive candidates into future employees. You can also ask employees to inform where and how content should be shared for maximum visibility with the talent you are looking to attract. You can track the effectiveness of your channels and share these insights back to your employee advocates. 

Candidate Referrals

Employees who love their jobs and want to shout about them from the rooftops are ideally suited to lure in new talent and help your company grow. (Junior and mid-level employees can be especially helpful in providing insight on what’s important to their peers when seeking a new job opportunity.) To help your top advocates to spread the word, you should regularly provide links to the latest job openings to employees (which makes it easy to copy, paste, and share via social media) so they can tap into their networks and deliver pre-vetted, high-quality candidates. Most people wouldn’t recommend someone that they know personally if they aren’t a good culture fit. If your hiring process takes longer than anticipated, leverage referral sponsors to stay engaged with the applicant and help keep things “warm,” which is a strong way to stand out and show candidates you care.