The Challenge

After they were named the #1 fastest growing software company by Inc. 5000, BounceX had no shortage of applicants. However, they noticed prospective employees didn’t present a clear understanding of their culture and career opportunities, beyond just knowing about their great reputation. They realized they weren’t effectively communicating what made BounceX such an amazing place to work. Specifically, they wanted to attract ambitious candidates who would embrace BounceX’s commitment to company growth and personal development.

The Solution

BounceX partnered with The Muse to tell a brand story that brought transparency to their values as a company and focused less on their PR acclaim. As an organization with many potential career trajectories, BounceX wanted to reframe their recruiting efforts in order to help candidates find the right path at the company. Together, BounceX and The Muse created original content that highlighted their dedication to the professional development and personal growth of their employees across career paths. They created an employer brand profile made of multimedia content, which helped round out the story of BounceX as an excellent place to work, where individual dedication to excellence pushes the company to keep evolving—and winning coveted awards.


“We firmly believe that throughout the interview process, candidates and employers should have an open and transparent dialogue, where both parties are fully able to evaluate each other. Through The Muse, BounceX empowered candidates to start evaluating the company before they even submitted an application.”

— James Welch, People Operations at BounceX

The Results

This increased transparency has presented candidates with the unique opportunity to fully assess BounceX and determine whether it’s the right fit before going through the application process. The team knows that their company is a great place to work, but that it also won’t be the right place for everyone. Their Muse content has helped them articulate their values so the right candidates can educate themselves and even opt-in to the application process. The assets have become such a helpful educational tool for applicants, in fact, that the talent acquisition team uses them to proactively help candidates prepare before they come into the office. By putting this message upfront, BounceX has been able to attract people who genuinely want to join the BounceX family and understand the opportunity, as well as the expectations it will provide.


“The Muse goes above and beyond to both ensure they accurately reflect the companies featured in a way that speaks to quality candidates. They’ve done a tremendous job aligning with our company at every step in the journey and engaging prospective candidates, helping to grow our business in the process.”

— Ryan Urban, CEO at BounceX

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