You need to hire quality talent.

So you need a story that resonates with candidates.

“In an era when only 12% of candidates put trust in what employers say about themselves, companies must increasingly rely on their employees to be their spokespeople on the employee experience.” – Harvard Business Review

Why We’re Here

Every company is unique—and every candidate wants something different from their work. We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit. We’re here to help them find it.

What We Do

We forge more authentic connections between employers and candidates by providing an inside look at your company’s culture, workplace, and values.

Who We Are

Our audience of next-gen talent is diverse and engaged. Millions of qualified candidates come to The Muse every year in search of the next great place to grow their careers—and your company should be visible when they’re ready to make their next move.

How We Do It

Discover Key Employee Insights

We use proprietary technology and our years of expertise to gather insights directly from your employees to learn what they value the most about working for your company.

Team Traditions
Employee Resource Groups
Core Values
Impactful Projects

Create Your Company Profile

We use those insights to produce and collect photos and videos, then build a company profile that gives both active and passive candidates an authentic, behind-the-scenes look into your work environment, your people, and your culture.

Share Your Story

Once we’ve captured your company story, we help you share it everywhere and track performance through our platform. 

Careers Page
Social Media
And Beyond

Hire More Informed Candidates

With your unique story consistently being showcased in front of top talent, you will attract, hire, and retain the right people for your team. 

What Our Partners Are Saying

Knot Standard

“17% of Knot Standards existing employee base came through The Muse (roughly 20 of our ~100 team members).”

“Our turnover rate has improved significantly this year at about 20%, down from a previous 40-50%.” 

“About 75% of candidates had looked at Knot Standard’s profile on The Muse before coming in for an interview.”

Nicole Cunningham, Senior Director, Employee Experience


“If somebody came to us through The Muse or hit our profile at some point in their research process, I know they are more informed than someone who saw our job posting on a job board or applied through another channel.” 

— Kristen (Reese) Magni, Vice President, Talent & Culture

Carbon Black

“The BrandBuilder tool was invaluable for Carbon Black. Not only did we get rich insights, but we heard from a range employees in varying roles that we don’t normally hear from. With BrandBuilder, we can use the testimonials for our collateral and digital content, and can now tap individuals who have marked themselves as company advocates. This cuts down the time it takes to find willing employees and allows us to leverage people who are engaged and passionate about the company.”

Ashley Perez, Senior Talent Brand Ambassador

How The Muse Helps Facebook Reach Their Key Hiring Audiences

Our customers are employers of choice ranging from leading global brands to fast growing startups to mission-driven organizations of all sizes.