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 The Monster
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The Monster
‘You’re the Monster this week!’ This ZocDoc tradition was born when CEO Cyrus recognized CFO Netta for signing up a whole bunch of doctors in a new specialty—when she’d never even done sales before. Now, the stuffed Monster is given each week by the prior week’s winner to a teammate who’s gone above and beyond.
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 ZocDoc 101
What ZocDoc Does
ZocDoc 101
ZocDoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience. It unites modern patients with doctors in the right area and specialty, who take the right insurance, and who’ve gotten good reviews from past patients—and appointments can be booked online. ZocDoc has already changed the way millions of patients manage their healthcare. Plus, it’s a great way for doctors to connect with new patients.
“It wasn’t until I worked at ZocDoc that I found a place where I could really believe in a mission and grow with that mission.”
Director Of Infrastructure Engineering
“Humbition is a word we made up. It means we have really humble and thoughtful people who are also ambitious enough to take on this enormous challenge.”