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Fun Fashions
Zappos values diversity in its employees and teams, so each team works hard to establish its own unique traditions. On the Developer Team, engineers host a fun fashion runway where coworkers model their most recent purchases. Susan strutted her stuff as a cordless drill and other members of her team got to show off their own personalities—and shopping habits—in a hilarious way.
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What Zappos Does
Zappos 101
Founded in 1999, Zappos began as an online shoe retailer—and has since expanded to include clothing, accessories, beauty, and home items. The company has grown rapidly by building a reputation for phenomenal customer service and unrivaled selection. Zappos delivers purchases quickly, with free shipping, and warehouses everything it sells—so items featured online are always available for purchase.
“Zappos is just a really fun place to be. I get to work with my friends on some really big ideas.”
Manager, Business Development & Analysis
“We’re focusing more on customer-centric experiences, so we can liaise with our customers and find out what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want improved.”
Sr. Front-End Developer