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Zappos Careers
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 How Zappos Works
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How Zappos Works
At Zappos, employees have the creative freedom to follow their passions in the way that suits them best. As a company that practices Holacracy, Zappos fights the strains of bureaucracy by replacing it with a self-organizing system that’s focused around fulfilling work. Zappos encourages employees to be themselves—so they know there’s no need to hide their quirks or awkward dance moves from the office.
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 Zappos 101
What Zappos Does
Zappos 101
Founded in 1999, Zappos began as an online shoe retailer—and has since expanded to include clothing, accessories, beauty, and home items. The company has grown rapidly by building a reputation for phenomenal customer service and unrivaled selection. Zappos delivers purchases quickly, with free shipping, and warehouses everything it sells—so items featured online are always available for purchase.
“Zappos is just a really fun place to be. I get to work with my friends on some really big ideas.”
Manager, Business Development & Analysis
“I love that Zappos has the initiative to try new things and be fearless. We are now a Holacratic organization that’s self-managing and self-organizing. It’s a great opportunity for new hires to come in and lead the way.”
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