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 Problem-Solving Encouraged
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Problem-Solving Encouraged
When you walk in the door at TripAdvisor, you’ll find a bucket of Rubik’s Cubes and Legos just waiting to be picked up. TripAdvisor encourages its employees to always keep in a problem-solving and puzzle-tackling mindset, and the colorful toys are a fun, daily reminder of that mentality.
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 TripAdvisor 101
What TripAdvisor Does
TripAdvisor 101
TripAdvisor’s site is loaded with reviews of hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, and attractions—plus photos, so you can take a look at destinations for yourself. Travelers can ask and answer questions in TripAdvisor's Travel Forums, plus book everything from cheap flights to hotels to tours—all in one spot.
“TripAdvisor is this phenomenal source of research information—we have tens of millions of bits of data.”
Director of Mobile
"There're massive opportunities to be involved as we grow and shape the future of TripAdvisor."
Senior Corporate Counsel