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We work & eat in New York City.
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 Lobster Heaven
Office Life
Lobster Heaven
Each year, Tasting Table hosts its annual Lobster Roll Rumble. The competition draws around 1,000 guests, who all get to sample lobster rolls prepared by 20 restaurants and chefs from around the country. The Clam Shack from Kennebunkport, Maine, was invited as a wildcard at this past year's event—and surprised everyone by knocking the previous year's champion, Luke's Lobster, from the winner's circle.
Credit: Photo by Alyssa Ringler for Tasting Table.
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 Tasting Table 101
What Tasting Table Does
Tasting Table 101
Tasting Table sends out daily emails that feature restaurant reviews, dining tips, chef profiles, and great food and drink recipes, all packaged into six city editions and one national edition. All of Tasting Table’s recommendations are rigorously tested—after all, the in-house food editors have to make sure that only the highest quality information reaches their readers.
"Even though we are much larger than we were a couple years ago, we've definitely maintained that start-up vibe."
Director of Operations
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 From The Founder
In Our Own Words
From The Founder
“Tasting Table is working hard to create the premier digital media brand for adventurous eaters and drinkers. Our goal is to increase the reach of our daily email publication as we further establish ourselves as an authority for foodies when it comes to finding the best restaurants, bars, wine stores, cook shops and food travel destinations across the country. Driven food lovers who are looking to propel their careers in media will find inspiration at Tasting Table.”
-Geoff Bartakovics, CEO & Founder