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At Sir Kensington's, Condiments Are Treasured Tools Of The Trade
Careers - Office Life
 Sir Kensington's 'Stache
Office Life
Sir Kensington's 'Stache
A genteel gentleman, Sir Kensington believes his moustache is a key part of his dapper image as company mascot—and the team pays respect to the formidable ’stache of its silent leader by featuring it around the office. Moustaches can be found prominently decorating walls, coffee mugs, employees’ faces, and—thanks to temporary tattoos—it can even be spotted on an arm or leg, too.
Sir Kensington's Premium Products Are Winning Recognition Nationwide
Careers - What Sir Kensington's Does
 Sir Kensington's 101
What Sir Kensington's Does
Sir Kensington's 101
Sir Kensington’s is a new and quickly growing food company founded by those tired of tyranny. The company’s premium, all-natural ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard are served by some of the country’s leading restaurants, including The Spotted Pig, ABC Kitchen, Bareburger, The Smith, PJ Clarke’s, and many more. Sir Kensington’s is also sold in over 3,500 locations nationwide, including Whole Foods, Safeway, and Kroger.
Sir Kensington's: A Comfortable Space For Collaboration & Creativity
Careers - Office Culture 
 Taking Over Manhattan
Office Culture
Taking Over Manhattan
The Sir Kensington’s team is passionate about taking over the ketchup world, one bottle at a time. In the office, a moustache map of Manhattan shows all the places in the city where Sir Kensington’s ketchup can be found at stores, hotels, or restaurants, and it acts as a visual reminder to the team of the thrilling feeling it gets when it sees the product it loves being shared with others.
“The most exciting thing for us here at Sir Kensington’s is understanding American food culture and how we can use the fewest resources possible to mobilize and change that culture.”
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
“Every day when we’re selling the ketchup to restaurants, hotels, and people, we’re opening their eyes to something they’ve never seen before and they’re not used to hearing about. It feels really special to be able to do that.”
Co-Founder & CEO