Shopify’s offices are located in Ottawa, Ontario
Careers - Office Perks
 Pursuing Challenges
Office Perks
Pursuing Challenges
Because Shopify recognizes that everyone works in different ways, the office is built for diversity. The company headquarters are furnished with a games room, quiet nooks and work areas, big meeting spaces, and a yoga studio, among other features. Scheduled events throughout the week provide opportunities for co-workers to build rapport, and Shopify employees appreciate the freedom to pick the projects they want to work on.
Careers - Outside the Office
 Opportunities Aplenty
Outside the Office
Opportunities Aplenty
Shopify emphasizes the value of mentorship in the workplace and also encourages collaborative work among employees by using open source software. Shopify encourages everyone to own their professional development and provides opportunities for employees to take courses and attend conferences, like Berlin's Beyond Tellerand for designers. The company also offers new hires relocation assistance to build a globally diverse team.
“Shopify’s culture comes from its employees. Everyone is very motivated because they’re excited to be working here. They’re passionate about what they’re working on.”
UX Designer
“I really like the ‘move fast and break things’ culture. Everything in the company is open and fair game, which makes me feel as if I can make a significant impact.”
Production Engineering Lead